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    Time Zones: Tin City, US vs Naukan, Russia

    Eva is spot on, at least as far as we can trust timeanddate's information. I personally wouldn't mind if we had some more direct information, but seeing as how Naukan, Russia is abandoned, I doubt we could get anyone to verify. It appears that Uelen, Russia is the furthest East settlement and...
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    1597: trees used to grow in Antarctica?

    The Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn are roughly where the sun appears directly above on the solstices. So it would seem that for that position to have changed, then either the sun's position changed relative to the land or vice versa. I want to double check a bunch of older maps now, purely for...
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    The forgotten people of Tahuglauk and Mozeemlek: 17th century North America

    That's a fascinating little tidbit, when taken in conjunction with the construction photos we tend to see involve finishing a roof/dome. In general, when talking about the history of North America (everywhere?), the only documentation we have to go on was written by people who were, at the very...
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    Annihilation of the Rigid Airship Industry

    I'm not sure that airships would have required a radically different weather pattern to be viable. Here's what a modern airship service claims: Skyship Services, Inc. 100 knots is 115 mph, so those are some pretty serious winds. It's also worth mentioning that it isn't like airplanes do not take...
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    Book | 1770: Atlantis subdivided into three more, America, Sebastia, and Hyperborea

    Sebastia caught my eye too, I was completely unfamiliar. The top result is interesting enough (though obviously not what the author is referencing): The mosque is very notable: Nabi Yahya Mosque - Wikipedia If you have any sort of knowledge of Gnosticism, the mystery schools, etc, these are...
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    Willamette Meteorite: why, and what is it?

    Really shows where we are as a society that speculating that an object could be the remains of an earlier refining process right here on Earth is "crazy" but declaring that it must have travelled trillions of miles over millions of years from points unknown in the sky is rationally accepted.
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    Was previous Jerusalem located in England?

    Oh the holy lands, how little we really have to go on. Fomenko thought a lot took place in Italy. I'm digging this England idea though ... immediately I thought of this rather obvious comparison: King Arthur Was the Biblical Jesus. I personally can't keep straight who should be mythological and...
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    Book | The New Chronology by Fomenko and Nosovskiy

    Just wanted to say, if you're on this site, this should be required reading. At least required skimming, they get pretty dense and mathematical modeling like this has obvious limitations. But the correlations are fascinating and one should easily be able to walk away understanding that our...
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    Hyperborea: what if it still exists?

    Just a quick comment for now, it would be an amazing project to try and correlate temperatures (and eventually sunrise/sunset times) and make a new latitude/longitude type system. The "Vladivostok - Anchorage" comparison reminds me of the difference between my location in the northeast of the...
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    1770s: Seattle, Tsunami, Earthquakes, Lake Washington and Underwater Forests

    Little, you mean, in the sense that War and Peace was a bathroom novella...
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    1906: Seattle Central Library. Demolished in 1957.

    First of all, jd is amazing, as always. There's a lot to digest in this post and I always appreciate the healthy back and forth. Just had to address this. Let's pull up the 1905 picture again: The bottomline to me here is that that tree on the right side of the building, at the very least...
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    1906: Seattle Central Library. Demolished in 1957.

    And that is what I'm starting to think is the real riddle here (and with many other "quick build" projects), more than the actual structure and even the architects. There's an overall sense in the alternative history community (thanks to "mudflood" oversaturation, pun intended) that all of these...
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    1770s: Seattle, Tsunami, Earthquakes, Lake Washington and Underwater Forests

    There are so many problems with carbon dating that anyone who accepts it uncritically literally has a religious belief. From very suspect calibration methods (look up "continuous tree-ring sequences") to wildly variant results: How Accurate is Carbon Dating? And something I never really hear...
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    1892 Pioneer Building in Seattle: how and when was it built?

    Ok. Then my failure is complete! :)
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    1892 Pioneer Building in Seattle: how and when was it built?

    Agreed. It was the tallest building in Seattle until the Hoge building in 1911. Yet the library that supposedly hadn't even started construction gets a number.