1. KorbenDallas

    1906 Earthquake: Train Derailed by a Quake

    Some of us have seen this photograph before. The train ended up on its side due to the famous 1906 earthquake. The one that destroyed SF. The 1907 account reads: At Point Reyes Station at the head of Tomales Bay the 5:15 train for San Francisco was just ready. The conductor had just swung...
  2. KorbenDallas

    18th & 19th centuries: artificial Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tsunamis

    Always thought that the 1755 Great Lisbon Earthquake was weird: In combination with subsequent fires and a tsunami, the earthquake almost totally destroyed Lisbon and adjoining areas. Isn't it interesting that back in 1750 (probably waaay earlier than that) people knew what needed to be...
  3. KorbenDallas

    The Grand Canyon is under 450 years old...?

    I will preface this by saying that the world-renowned conquistador Francisco Vázquez de Coronado is a very questionable figure in my book. May be he was wronged by the history re-writers, but according to what we know, the guy did not know his arse from elbow. He went looking for the Quivira...
  4. KorbenDallas

    1908 Messina destruction: earthquake or guns?

    Once coincidences start piling up, it's time for a suspicion. In my recent article titled "Real mission of the 1907-1909 US Great White Fleet, what was it?" I pointed out an interesting catastrophic event which occurred during the voyage of the fleet. There could be more, but I did not...