The Tea Party is Racist?

Tea Party Rally     Last week, I posted a video entitled “Democrat-Dixiecrat Lie”.  In the video, I surmised that of the most
prominent Dixiecrat Senators and Governors who compose the Dixiecrat Party of 1948, 93% of them did not leave the Democrat Party.  They remained loyal Democrats for life.  I had always heard that the “Dixiecrats” had switched to the Republican Party after their failed attempt at solidifying segregation in America forever.


As I am now a loyal Conservative, my curiosity over the matter grew daily until I developed the video and began contemplating the issue
more deeply.  It was not until I received a response to the video did the light bulb turn on.  The response read;

 “When you look at the numbers based on registered voters (and not elected officials), you will find that Most Democrats in the south did switch the Republican Party and their Children eventually became Republicans as well.  This party switch does not change the fact that they are still Conservatives (aka, the Bad Guys)”


I consider myself a Conservative Republican by virtue of two issues:  More Individual Freedom and a Limited government.  The commenter
above is no different then the run of the mill detractors that continue to paint Republicans, conservatives and now Tea Partiers as the “racists among us” but I question the logic.  The Dixiecrat, segregationists, Democrats were clearly in my opinion, “bad guys”, but were
they conservatives?  If I define Conservative as an individual who desires a smaller government and more individual freedom than I argue that
the Dixiecrats were far from conservative.

I’m not quite sure what to call them but they certainly would not approve of the current Tea Party Movement or the calling of Glenn Beck and
company for a return to the Constitution and the ideals of the Founding Fathers.  You see, the current Tea Party movement is by all accounts- clearly Conservative and the Founding Fathers ideal of “all men are created equal” was not shared by the “conservative” Dixiecrats.  Here is a plank from the 1948 States Rights Dixiecrat Platform:

We stand for the segregation of the races and the racial integrity of each race; the constitutional right to choose one’s associates; to accept private employment without governmental interference, and to learn one’s living in any lawful way. We oppose the elimination of segregation[laws to separate the races in public and private establishments], the repeal of miscegenation statutes[laws making interracial marriage illegal], the control of private employment by Federal bureaucrats called for by the misnamed civil rights program. We favor home-rule, local self-government and a minimum interference with individual rights.

In other words, the States have the Right to pass an innumerable amount of laws to restrict, limit, and enforce movements and actions of certain citizens whose rights were guaranteed under the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  That my friend is a
perverse notion of Conservatism.  It sounds like a loose form of fascism to me.  An organization calling for smaller government and more personal freedom is hypocritical in nature if it only applies to some and not all.  The Dixiecrats and anyone calling themselves
a conservative is a hypocrite if their ideas are only meant for one race over another.


I can safely say that the Tea Party movement is the anti-thesis of the Dixiecrats with respect to race and race relations.  There has
never been a call to pass laws to restrict one race over another for the benefit of the one.  When we say smaller government, we mean in all forms for all people.  It is time to truly return to the principles of the Founding Fathers; a limited decentralized government , a recognition
that our freedoms and rights come from God and not from man or government and that these themes apply to all citizens equally without restriction.  That is the Tea Party, that is being a conservative; we are not the “Bad Guy”.


For me, a man of color in the United States of America, the “biggest” governments that existed were the pro-slavery or pro-segregationist governments, both of which required large amounts of laws and police power to enforce.  Of course today we are fighting the same battles in combating a similar form of “big” government requiring 2000 page bills, trillions of dollars of debt, the eventual bloated bureaucracy to regulate it, and a police state to enforce it.  This time, “big” government sees no race.  It will enslave us all.


Frantz Kebreau

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  1. Ranessa says:

    I never tohught I would find such an everyday topic so enthralling!

  2. Bruce Baldwin says:

    I just want to say thank you and I wish you all the success. I only wish I had your knowledge of the history, because lord knows I’ve got a lot of Black Friends that are truely lost… God Bless and keep the faith!

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