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Terra Ammiracionis - Land Beyond the Sea

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In the land beyond the sea, that is called Terra Ammiracionis, there ruled Count Sattan of Aligemorum. Under his rule was born a knightly man who was called Abraham of Temonaria. He was born 810 years after Noah's Flood. He took a wife from the realm Samamorum, who was a daughter of Lord...

Photos of Molten & Vitrified Bricks and Soil

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I've been collecting rocks, fossils and all kinds of artifacts that I found fieldwalking or by other means practically my whole life. Oddly enough, over the past few years I keep unearthing more and more what seems to be not only molten, but also vitrified bricks and small bits of...

Austrian Legends. Folk Tales and Oral Traditions. A Glimpse Into The Past.

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In my homecountry of Austria, we have a rich tradition of folk tales and legends that were, for the longest time, orally transmitted. Sadly, fewer and fewer people pay attention to them. Of course, we are all expected to see these as nothing more than silly old people’s tales, empty...

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