Mohenjo-daro was destroyed 450-500 years ago

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It appears our archaeologists are hiding our true history on purpose. Unfortunately, there is plenty of evidence to suggest such a notion. This time we are going to look at the allegedly 4,500 year old city of Mohenjo-daro. Of course, this is not its real name. Scientists say that they do not...

What weapon was used to "bomb" WW2 Dresden?

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Apparently, one of the common denominators connecting many weird urban/forest fires, and bombings with the main theme of this forum is the lack of sufficient temperature. Time and time again, fierce powerful firestorms destroying hole cities, fail to set as much as a tree on fire. Apart from...

American Civil War: Photographic History

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My goal with this post is for others who are interested to possibly look at the photos with no story in your head (obviously you know the story, but I think you know what I mean), read the captions of the official story and let me know if we can make head or tales of what is really going on...

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