Great Wall of China: could it be a road?

The Great Wall of China
Just like about anything else in China, the Wall is not really inspectable via Google Earth, or any other available web mapping services. Examining the available images quickly shows that we are being shown the renovated portion of the wall. I doubt the tourist attraction can provide us with any answers, as to what the remote portions of the wall look like. There are a few interesting images out there, but that's about it.

great wall china.jpg

I think our wall could be an ancient (or not so ancient) road. I don't know, may be the lower areas were flooded or whatever.

great wall china -3.jpg

In this older image of the Wall it goes in at least 4 different directions. Why?

KD: I do not believe for a second that it was a defensive structure at any point of its existence. A simple analysis of its defensive qualities shows that is indefensible and unsuppliable.

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