My first video. How did they pull it off?

Oct 29, 2020
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Feels like a coming out of sorts, lol. Anyways, I spent some time making my first video. In the process dropped the ball, for I did not get my AI point across.

KD: So, there it is. That was a totally new experience for me. At some point, I will probably try to make a second one. Considering that there is a gadzillion of varios stolen history related videos already out there, offering something new and useful is a challenge. In case you have a suggestion, please let me know.
Your words, attitude and reflections remind me of the White Center (Seattle) and Montana poet, Richard Hugo. He published a poem, "Silver Star"-- triggered by a town in Montana, in 1973:

This is the final resting place of engines,
farm equipment and that rare, never more
than occasional man. Population:
17. Altitude unknown. For no
good reason you can guess, the woman
in the local store is kind. Old steam trains
have been rusting so long, you feel
the urge to oil them, to lay new track, to start
the west again. The Jefferson
drifts by in no great hurry on its way
to wed the Madison, to be a tributary
of the ultimately dirty brown Missouri.
This town supports your need to run alone.

What if you lived here young, gone full of fear
to that stark brick school, the cruel teacher
supported by your guardian? Think well
of the day you ran away to Whitehall.
Think evil of the cop who found you starving
and returned you, siren open, to the house
you cannot find today. You question
everyone you see. The answer comes back wrong.
There was no house. They never heard your name.

When you leave here, leave in a flashy car
and wave goodbye. You are a stranger
every day. Let the engines and the farm
equipment die, and know that rivers
end and never end, lose and never lose
their famous names. What if your first girl
ended certain she was animal, barking
at the aides and licking floors? You know
you have no answers. The empty school
burns red in heavy snow.
First video cannot be perfect. It is interesting to hear "In my investigation, I came to a dead-end", yet your dead-end or near-closure, was a start for so many users, me included.

My thoughts on the above content ("how did they pull it off"):

Basically every survivor, was a slave in the previous society (giants > men of our kind)
You then have a war of annihiliation (world war 2 doesn't hold a candle to this), where everyone desires to kill giants. It's not a war between 2 races, but a war between 2 species. And it's impossible to have a mixed society (giants/men) without imbalances or one side hating the other. No matter how pleasant technology can make life, it's impossible to avoid the social/cultural degradation (see our days, kinda the same)

So, we outnumber giants, and after many serial wars of annihilation (think nuclear bunkers, nuke, wait some years, repeat), giants are gone completely. In the bunkers, populations driven there by force (they would die in the surface) makes them psychopathic or rather, extremely zealous to win.

Giants are the enemy - today's "humanity" is united under this banner (see today where they try to do the same with climate)
By extension, on defeating them, they desired to erase all history off giants, including their accomplishments. Of course, you cannot erase ruins or magnificent structures, so you just credit them to the winners.

As for why? Because slaves knowing slave history, will repeat slave history. Past = Future. Change the past, you change the future. Renaissance is a great example, it was such a good direction. Everyone of social influence was in some secret society of sorts, and they had some part of true history. The flood is an example, some knew of giants, others of "light network" (electricity/network) etc etc.

No one could self-publish books, because they were expensive, and if you managed to print some copies, good luck convincing the general public to buy them. Ok you wrote some story, but you think some anti-mainstream story will survive history? You will be mobbed (majority) by every other author, basically libel'd or pushed aside. You could write some story for those in the know like H.G. Wells "The Food of the Gods" which basically preserves true knowledge, but keeps the public sleeping. But if you write your own history, prepare for personal attacks and losing your job and prestige (and prestige/honor was all an author had)


So, you have the above men vs giants war. Men are traumatized by constantly swapping between surface and underground, and ofc, cataclysms happening once in a while. I am of the belief that the spark to mass-killing giants was triggered by a cataclysm which damaged the infrastructure of the previous civilization. A perfect opportunity for a global revolt (the world was more "centralized" back then than even today)

So, after victory, and basically losing all technology, and everyone being heavily traumatized, those who had influence to history (e.g. authors, or anyone in secret societies) promised each other to weave a glorious past, to create a glorious future.

Also, look at real life. Assume you have some really "heretical" knowledge. How many will keep it, that you know? Think of the world pre-internet. You think the earth is flat? You are a madman. You will explain this viewpoint to at least 100 ppl, until someone partially agrees. If you do this, everyone will know you as that weird guy, and on mentioning your name, they will mention your weird viewpoint. If this was 200 years ago, it would be the same. No one will preserve your knowledge. Its human psychology. Collective Solipsism.

The viewpoint of a different earth shape is a boolean knowledge, the barest simple form which anyone can hold as a possibility. Now imagine a fully blown technological or mathematical system. Once you die, its gone. If you pass it off to your child(ren), its unlikely they will pass it off, as they understood part of it, or find it no longer useful.

You mentioned something superior ("Kosmokrator") or Divine being in play here. I find it very likely, as spirits/demons/angels are real (different frequencies), but no one can rationalize that part of reality until we are provided with appropriate technology (suppressed technology)
There is also the "As Above, So Below. As Below, So Above.".

Anyway, without internet, they had absolute control over all history, and since those who questioned history were less than 1% of the population, all history was passed off as facts and built itself stronger each generation. Because you get new events referencing old events, hence making them more valid (they are all lies anyway)

Also, an argument worth mentioning on "how did they make all influential men agree to silence history", is the black cube, aka the artificial man-made god which does answer to your prayers (search results) and has a solution for your every problem. The survivors got the full taste of it (we are some decades away), and ended up hyper-luddites. With each generation losing knowledge of the black cube, they got more and more tempted to bring it back, slowly leading to the industrial revolution.
Yup, I was thinking about three possible major conflicts, resulting in all of this:
I can see the part where memories, and recollections can be affected in one way, or the other. But the production of periodicals tied in into local geographies for an extended period of time (to support a fake narrative between let's say 1850-1906), does not appear to be feasable, sustainable and doable. Likewise I do not see all them periodicals produced post-factum.
It's difficult to respond without points to cut, paste and address! Great voice, comfortable knowing you share a similar cultural perspective as Nik Research (- the one who started all this for me).

In my opinion, the seal of the US with the pyramid, the all-seeing eye and 1776 are all highly significant esoteric symbols. The pyramid is a literal aspect in the brain which is involved in the 'crystallisation' of the pineal gland, also known as the All-Seeing Eye, or eye of God, which is also involved. I'm probably telling everyone how to suck eggs, sorry if so, I've been stuck in my head for so long 'uploading metaphysics' for the last year or two I might've lost some perspective.
This is to do with increasing consciousness. The astrologers or priest class organising everything know what they are doing, and they are 'Beyond Good and Evil' in the same way a lion eating a sweet baby gazelle is.
Not the clown people who do what they are told- the ignorant doctors/nurses for example who blindly follow orders. For most it's just human nature and can't really be helped.

As the zodiac moves towards Aquarius, consciousness naturally begins to rise. This explains why for thousands of years candles/budget solutions to anything one can think of is suddenly replaced by the lightbulb and other incredible leaps in technology. It's a 'sign' of the times.
Piped gas first though- and for the record I do still think the flattened cities were gas-lit and hit with thunderbolts creating a violently explosive, unburnt mess of bricks. It still doesn't look like fire or earthquake damage to my eyes.
There is good evidence for tornados to be electric in origin. They are like Thors hammer, or a snaking knife.

So there are two parts straight off; the date, which in number disciplines says something like 1- The All or God or Brahma
7- the representation of the gates, chakras, 'gunas' or knots that must be 'untied' for consciousness to rise along the spine to ignite the pineal- like the ida and pingola of the human breathing system. The caduceus illustrates this most often.
The medical industry is integral in bringing consciousness to life (using death) as the corona virus (crowning virility, ie. consciousness) starts moving among the general population.
The proximity of the Aquarian ruler planet 'Uranus' is known as Heaven; Ouranos translates literally in Greek, check KJB/goog.translate. Gaia is earth- us. The cathode. Heaven- Ouranos or the anode is also the 7th planet from the Sun.
This is an astrologically predictable series of events.
Uranus or Ouranos and its electrical effects when entering Aquarius spark the dawn of the new age.

Interestingly, when first meditating on how this all fits together the Stolen History posts about the insane asylums kept pushing their way to mind: I do suspect as Ouranos places an electrical effect on the human body/mind and people are unprepared for the episode of 'awakening' (as the worn out cliché calls it), the church is truly unfit for purpose in this regard, and depending on the level of the realisation (awakening) it is very like a psychotic episode. My husband knew of a fellow who was kept inside an asylum for eight years, and another for a few months, both medicated.

The Vatican, as Nietzsche suggested, is beyond good and evil. Same with the Freemasons- these merchant, sea-faring, holy see-marrying, mary-loving, mer chant Phoenician groups are literally building the world. It's organised alright. They might fight between themselves and we sense it, but they are united in building the world and seeing the technology and culture develop in to what must be achieved for the new age.
And it takes a high form of consciousness to undertake such a job. The clowns at the front of house are put there to make it obvious something is wrong, to jolt us to start seeking.

We question the old world's ideas because our consciousness is rising or risen. This is literal 'Christ consciousness' when the 'lamp is lit'.
'How will we recognise you (Jesus)?'
'Look for the man (Ganymede or Aquarius) carrying the pitcher of water. Go in to the upper room and wait for me there.'
The upper room is the chamber in the brain where the pineal is ignited. One must think (meditate) to reach it safely.
It's an absolutely, profoundly esoteric teaching, not at all literal.

When the astrologers could predict the end of the 'Kali Yuga' or end of the 'Great Year' a thousand years ago they knew it was drawing near because of the development of the ports around the globe- the exchange of information from all areas of intellectualism like Spain, Byzantium, Persia etc. suddenly flowed with the seas supporting the Phoenician, star-guided ships. Part of the definition of the Aquarian age is a focus on technology, knowledge and the mind. They don't move the stars per se, the follow their guidance.
The full c.26,000 year zodiac cycle was confirmed with the definite location of Ouranos (Uranus) which was enabled because of the telescope- part of the predictable rising of technological consciousness at this stage/age (late 1700's).

And finally 6 - the lower nature of man or earthly/telluric/corporeal state. The darkest hours before dawn as evidenced by heavily gaslit, fluoridated New Zealander population being insouciantly hood-winked by a fish'n'chip shop horse in wolf's clothing.

Jax horse baby - 1.jpeg

But more importantly the 'New Order of Ages.'
It fits - that is, the end of the old Piscean era of blind belief, a school of fish sightlessly following authority/hegemony of the church et al., and the dawn of the Aquarian age only a generation off from where Nietzsche declared 'God is Dead and We Killed Him.'
Complete spiritual degeneration, total materialist, 10%, left-brain mechanical thought.
The world as Man knows it, reduced to ashes.
The trick is to marry the two sides- the alchemical marriage. Light the All-Seeing Eye, and See.
That's when the Phoenix rises and the golden age can begin in earnest. When enough of these 'crystal skulls' can illuminate the new way forward.

Righto, back to work. Cool vid. KD, so good to hear your voice after all these years. :)
Excellent, clear introduction, nice to hear your voice. More importantly, you nailed THE question in our mind, HOW on earth is this fakery even possible according the paradigm of laws governing our reality? Well, I m with you (if I understood you correctly), there are laws governing this realm that we don't know of, but someone does, namely, those who created this new lalaland after last reset. Manly P Hall has a lecture about this and its clear a new way of looking at past was created and put in practice.

I'd like to suggest a non materialist view of looking at this problem. Where majority of the people subscribe to material reality which is described by a hive mind or A.I. if you care that term. See the paradox?

Majority of people, those who run things, create schoolbooks and create the narrative reflect projectiles from others like them. This creates a multitude of reality bubbles and a need for a consensus thinking if anything must be done, thus, a huge lie agreed upon. Over the time this reality bubble becomes so full of holes and shaky it must collapse and a new one must take place. A new story must be told and those on the top make a story that favors them now and later.

If the above mentioned scenario is true and most people are in a kind of sleep then it is possible to explain all madness and paradoxical behavior we see everywhere. Why people cants see the fakery, the ruins around us, the plain in sight nor injustice in all possible things imaginable? They even managed to forget all about heaven and hell and how procreation works but it's all good as long as one votes, follows millions of laws and pays taxes.
I enjoyed your new video and I was reminded that I've been wanting to share this with you for a while. Not sure if you're already aware of it. If there's truth in fiction, the Foundation series could be a big truth drop by Asimov about what really happened and how the old empire was defeated by the rebels. Foundation inspired lots of writers and especially Star Wars, which made a big inversion by making the old empire the bad guys and the rebels the good guys. Here's a short synopsis:

Wonderful to finally have a voice to the words. As to how they pulled it off? I think there is a much bigger picture, stronger powers at play and TPTB are simply caretakers. Put in charge and taking orders. From who? Possibly many. That is a post all in itself.

Either way, thank you for your continued efforts and for putting out a video, though I much still prefer text articles! You said you left Washington for Florida? I left the west side to go to the *other* Washington :) The dry, desert one with less crazies.

Eyes open, be blessed.
Foundation series could be a big truth drop by Asimov
Torgo, good to see you on here.

Just as Foundation is the setting for truth in fiction, Herbert's Dune saga is the retelling of the Ottoman Empire. A nasty historical attempt at ascendancy through intrigue, zealot recruitment and degeneracy of economics.
We get much of the recent past, in older fiction.
Spot on, talking about the precepts of Foundation.
Torgo, good to see you on here.

Just as Foundation is the setting for truth in fiction, Herbert's Dune saga is the retelling of the Ottoman Empire. A nasty historical attempt at ascendancy through intrigue, zealot recruitment and degeneracy of economics.
We get much of the recent past, in older fiction.
Spot on, talking about the precepts of Foundation.
Absolutely. I would add that Dune is also about the current empire that's been in place this last millennium (more or less) and their government structure / Faufreluches hierarchy, secret societies, the elite bloodline families and how they operate.
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Feels like a coming out of sorts, lol. Anyways, I spent some time making my first video. In the process dropped the ball, for I did not get my AI point across.

KD: So, there it is. That was a totally new experience for me. At some point, I will probably try to make a second one. Considering that there is a gadzillion of varios stolen history related videos already out there, offering something new and useful is a challenge. In case you have a suggestion, please let me know.

thanks for your video.

I realized something when watching it:

what have in common the skulls and bones in that time?

there is no skin, no hair, no organs, no clothes, only skulls and bones. in fact clean skulls and bones.

then I asked 3 questions to chatgpt:
and look the answers...


what weapon lefts only skulls and bones and no skin, nor flesh, no muscles, only remain human bones and skulls


One weapon that could potentially leave only skulls and bones behind, while removing all skin, flesh, and muscles, is a crematorium. Cremation is a process that involves exposing a deceased body to extreme heat, reducing it to ashes and bone fragments. The ashes typically contain only the remains of bones and skulls, as the intense heat incinerates all other organic matter.


do hydrogen weapon lefts only skulls and bones and no skin, nor flesh, no muscles, only remain human bones and skulls? what bomb or disease lefts only complete bones and skulls?


Hydrogen weapons, commonly known as hydrogen bombs or thermonuclear bombs, are extremely powerful nuclear weapons that release energy through the process of nuclear fusion. These weapons are designed to cause massive destruction, including the obliteration of entire cities.

In the event of a nuclear explosion, a wide range of destructive effects occur, which can include severe burns, blast injuries, and injuries caused by radiation exposure. However, it is important to note that no specific bomb or disease exclusively leaves behind only complete bones and skulls while completely removing the skin, flesh, and muscles.

The level of destruction caused by a nuclear explosion depends on various factors, including the size of the bomb, the proximity to the detonation site, and the surrounding environment. The primary goal of a hydrogen bomb is to cause as much damage as possible, rather than selectively removing certain tissues from the human body.

It is worth mentioning that there is no known disease that exclusively affects the human body in the way you have described.
Diseases can cause various effects on the body, but they do not selectively leave behind only bones and skulls while completely removing other body tissues.


how long takes a dead human body to become only bones and skulls with no skin nor muscles nor organs, and only remain bones and skulls


The time it takes for a human body to decompose and only leave behind bones and skulls can vary greatly depending on several factors, such as environmental conditions, body size, presence of scavengers, and burial method. Here is a general timeline of the decomposition process:

1. Fresh stage (within hours to a few days): After death, the body undergoes primary (enzymatic) and subsequent (bacterial) decomposition. During this stage, the body starts to cool, rigor mortis sets in and then dissipates, and the skin may turn bluish or greenish due to the settling of blood.

2. Putrefaction stage (a few days to a few weeks): Microorganisms and bacteria rapidly multiply, leading to the breakdown of tissues and the release of gases, causing bloating and a strong odor. The body may exhibit marbling (discoloration due to blood breakdown) and skin slippage.

3. Active decay stage (a few weeks to a few months): The body steadily breaks down, causing the collapse of internal organs and liquefaction of soft tissues. Enzymes, bacteria, and insects (such as maggots) continue to aid in decomposition.

4. Advanced decay stage (several months to a few years): The remaining flesh is mostly gone, leaving behind mostly skeletal remains, hair, and possibly some desiccated tissue.

5. Dry stage (several years to decades): The body will continue to decompose, but at a significantly slower rate. Depending on the environmental conditions, scavengers, and access to air, the remaining tissue and ligaments may gradually dry, resulting in the preservation of skeletal elements.

Please note that this timeline is a general estimate, and the actual decomposition process can be influenced by various factors, as mentioned earlier. It is also important to mention that several legal and environmental factors may affect the rate of decomposition, such as embalming, burial depth, and presence of certain chemicals.

that was the chatgpt answer:
crematorium as weapon. gives you bones and skulls.

crematorium, using bricks, stones or soil for cooking underground.
like cooking pizza, bread, or barbacue... ot people.
results in clean bones and skulls.

other option is cooking and eating them like the wild animals, like dogs that eat dead turkey, sometimes they left the clean remains: bones and skulls.

in your video, therecate clean skulls and bones , after the fires. people were cremated, alive or dead, then there are no remains: no skin, no hair, no organs. instantly without hsbing to wait decade to self degrade the skin and hair.
photos showing only clean skulls and bones.

and this happens in a lot of photos of that times there are only skulls and bones, there is no skin, no hair. then only 2 options for clean bones and skulls: : they were cremated or someone ate them.

if you have one or millions of people underground, in the catacombs, or on buildings, then is more ractiblr massive cremations, more than ate them or than waiting decades to have only their skulls and bones together on a photo.

then, now, when looking past photos of that era I ask myself: why only skulls and bones, and no skin, no hair, no organs....

In my current understanding from observations, our realm is something that can be described as "simulation" or "generated" reality from the perspective of higher dimension. Scriptures are records (instructions) provided by higher being. The exact way the events played out might be very different from common understanding due to use of different technologies or even different laws of physics at the time - creation of man, deluge, conflict of Sons of Elohim (who seem to be always around in the background). However one particular event - mixing of languages after Tower (or some say spaceship) of Babel construction is overlooked in my opinion.
The mixing of languages requires mass memory wipe event of whole plane and implanting new knowledge. The Scripture says nothing bad about it - so it is acceptable to do so by Sons of Elohim (or Higher Dimension Beings) toward mankind.
So in my opinion that was ONE of the resets. I tend to believe another one was not long ago as some stories around WW2 make very little sense. I trust my memory the most, however with Mandela effect looks like some reality patches might be happening.