Alternate History of the World

Efimok coin, Fomenko's phantom time and added 1,000 years of history

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Could not really help it but start this thread on the issue of date depictions. It appears that at some undetermined (so far) time we acquired this digit "1" in the year date on a more or less permanent basis. Prior to it we have either "I - (i)" or the same "I" but looking...

Pharaohs Never Existed

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I recently read a book which I purchased from Amazon called Egypt Knew No Pharaohs (2015). It is similar to the works of Dr Fomenko in that it challenges commonly held assumptions about historical events based on the reexamination of primary sources. Unlike the New Chronology, however, Dr Ezzat...

Was Czar Ivan the Terrible that terrible, or was he a Caesar Tyrant?

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In this thread I plan on showing that our understanding of the word "Tyrant" is seriously skewed. It appears we were provided with a substituted meaning of this word. This, in turn, assisted today's pseudo-historians to distort our understanding of certain historical processes. It also provided...

Necklace made from dried leaves is 3,342 years old. Where is the logic?

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Do we have any physicists in the house? Anyone want to take an educated guess as to how long dried leaves will last before the crumble into dust? I asked a physics forum one time with no success and the history forums will just talk about mysterious oils that some how preserve leaves for eternity.

Egyptologist, carve us a vase: stoneworking tools and methods

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Archaeologists frequently comment that the best workmanship of Ancient Egypt occurs in the earliest eras of that long lived civilization, and in no area is it truer than the lovely hard stone vases and bowls made in predynastic times. Thousands were found in the earliest step pyramid of Djoser...

19th century Fax Machine by Giovanni Caselli

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Once again, this is supposed to be common knowledge, for it is googlable, and can be found on Wikipedia, as well as on a whole bunch of other resources. Yet, I doubt that things similar to the ones presented below are being taught at school. If they are, they are probably being presented as some...

Grand Unified Architectural Style: Antique Africa

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I was first introduced to this idea maybe 3 years ago by the wonderful Silvia Ivanowa of new earth fame. She kept saying stuff like 'one single architectural style on every continent' but she never really had the images to back it up. Right before watching her show I had just purchased magicians...

Tolkien and The Bock Saga

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J.R.R. Tolkien couldn't possibly require any introduction around here, but he may require a radical re-appraisal. As the "official" story goes Tolkien began forming and writing the cosmology of Middle-Earth in his tent during WWI. This is where he came up with the supreme God and the lesser gods...

What is going on with Cappadocia?

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The content discussed over in the post about Petra by Ice Nine got me thinking about the stone carved houses and structures in the ancient region of Cappadocia, Central Anatolia in modern day Turkey. The history of the region is loaded with wars and conquerors dating back to the 8th century bce...

Stars of David on the US Flag

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The official history of the United States flag appears to be omitting a few intricate details. It's hard to say what the true meaning of those details is, but the sheer fact of them being omitted prompts a few questions to be asked. Wikipedia chooses not to mention certain US flags in its...

The Moon; what is it ?

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I believe it's a hollow metal sphere. It was placed here in a very strategic spot. As to why, I don't really know. I still suspect something to do with controlling tides, but that's probably too easy of an explanation. Could be Watchers or maybe a derelict Space Station from another...

The history of monsters by Ulisse Aldrovandi, 1642

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Ulisse Aldrovandi was an Italian naturalist, the moving force behind Bologna's botanical garden, one of the first in Europe. He was reckoned to be the father of natural history studies. His vast collections in botany and zoology he willed to the Senate of Bologna.

1876 Ward Charcoal Ovens in Nevada

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Beehive ovens built by Italian artisans in the deserts of Nevada to produce charcoal from locally harvested timber. How much more ridiculous does it have to sound for us to start questioning the BS narrative of the lying dogmatic science? What timber? What are these beehive ovens? Try to order...

Ruins of 1879 Union Mine Shaft in Nevada. Underground city?

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Allegedly, this photograph was taken in 1947. What we see here are the Ruins of Union Mine Shaft in Nevada. A mine shaft photographed in 1947 normally would not end up being something exciting. Yet, take a good look at this photograph. Unfortunately, this is the best quality photograph I was...

Multiple Temperate Antarcticas

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My hypothesis is that the continent we know of as "Antarctica" is actually multiple continents, many of them temperate. The "Antarctica" shown on maps is the result of amalgamating these landmasses into one large continent. During the age of exploration, many land forms were discovered south of...

Jesuitenberg: Why Are There Underground Jesuit Caves in Europe Filled with Egyptian and Islamic Art?

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It's said that the Jesuits are the military wing of the catholic church a veritable holy army if you will. What sort of activity would these forces engage in? Fabrication? Falsification? Forgery? Espionage? The "unofficial" oath is particularly spine tingling, search for it yourself as it's...

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