Alternate History of the World

Scythian gold craftsmanship, where did it come from?

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"The Scythians worked in a wide variety of materials such as gold, wood, leather, bone, bronze, iron, silver and electrum. The characteristic art was produced in a period from the 7th to 3rd centuries BC, after which the Scythians were gradually displaced from most of their territory by the...

Thomas Theodore Merrylin the vampire hunter, and his creatures

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In 1960 (other sources mention 2006), there was a basement uncovered during a planned demolition of some building. Within, hundreds of large crates, filled with thousands of specimens, artifacts and diaries were found. It was dubbed the Merrylin Cryptid Collection, its mere existence...

Hidden history in Films and Television

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We've all seen examples of the many lies propagated in our culture and history, yet we've also seen examples of that lie being revealed, but revealed in a way that gives it no legitimacy. I'd like to find more examples of this in media; TV shows and movies, Books and Comics, Plays and Theater.

Do you think there is a Tesla roadster flying through space?

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The official version states, "Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster is an electric sports car that served as the dummy payload for the February 2018 Falcon Heavy test flight and is now an artificial satellite of the Sun. "Starman", a mannequin dressed in a spacesuit, occupies the driver's seat. The car...

The great Tartar wall in China

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Just wanted to share these few images and see what you think about this Chinese Tartar wall. I have never heard of it. Have you? I’m wondering if this could be a coverup story for the actual great wall of China. Unfortunately I don’t have time to do a proper research at the moment...

Prehistoric cave art appears to be fake... all of it

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Cave paintings are painted drawings on cave walls or ceilings, mainly of prehistoric origin, beginning roughly 40,000 years ago in Eurasia. The exact purpose of the Paleolithic cave paintings is not known. Evidence suggests that they were not merely decorations of living areas, since the caves...

Crepuscular Rays a.k.a. Bulshitax Scientificus, or how far is the Sun?

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Sun rays shining through clouds and trees appear to be coming from a not so distant light source. As a matter of fact, if you continue the ray lines to the source, you will end up with the Sun being approximately 32 miles in diameter, and about 3,000 miles (some say much less) above the...

1770 book: Atlantis subdivided into three more, America, Sebastia, and Hyperborea

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This is just an FYI, in case you feel like doing some interesting reading. At the same time I have never heard an Atlantis theory like this. Wondering if the text, or the continent split story slipped through the cracks of the censoring process. The text is written in hypotheticals, as if the...

Did they use catapults at Gettysburg during the US Civil War of 1861-65

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A catapult is a ballistic device used to launch a projectile a great distance without the aid of explosive devices - particularly various types of ancient and medieval siege engines. In use since ancient times, the catapult has proven to be one of the most effective mechanisms during warfare...

Is General Robert E. Lee dead in this 1865 photo?

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The Victorian Era was a pretty morbid time in human history. One of the most unsettling traditions of the era was the practice of post-mortem photography. Some weird things were happening around the US Civil War times (1861-1865). Is General Lee dead (or made out of wax) in the...

Abandoned 1856 Toronto almost ready for re-population...

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The City of Toronto in either late 1856 or early 1857. The last five photographs are 1865-ish. The photographs reproduced from copy negatives are some of the earliest photographic views of Toronto. The 1856 Toronto portfolio also contains 13 views taken from the top of the Rossin House Hotel at...

What is the true meaning of the Hidden Hand gesture?

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Below is the traditional explanation of the so-called "masonic" gesture "hand-inside-vest". The hand-in-waistcoat, or hidden hand is a gesture commonly found in portraiture during the 18th and 19th centuries. The pose appeared by the 1750s to indicate leadership in a calm and firm...

Did the Greeks know the world was round?

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I've been thinking a lot of all the stories I took for granted growing up. One that really stuck out was that Columbus already knew the world was round, and so did everyone, because the Greeks not only thought so, they measured the entire circumference of the earth to a large degree of accuracy...

Continent of Australia does not exist... as we know it

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This is officially the most coo coo jumbo-crazy thing I have written to date. If anything, it is going to be an entertaining piece of reading for you. I am planning to question the geographical accuracy of the layout of the continent of Australia. I do understand how bananas it sounds, for I...

Is there an Alien UFO invasion false flag in the works?

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With all those California, Greece, and wherever else “natural” fires targeting cars and houses, it sure does appear that the authorities are prepping for a false flag attack by ramping up our UFO “awareness”. Especially when you consider the recent creation of the Trump’s Space Force.

Alexandria is Conveniently Under the Sea

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Now we all "know" that the library burned down and with it went the history and science of the ancient world. With this sudden amnesia (because I guess all the smart people who read and wrote these books were also killed) we were plunged into a dark age, and it was only until the Rebirth, aka...

Is there a Tesla car in space?

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