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  1. Watcher369

    Spotted in Underground Seattle: whose Coat of Arms was it?

    Hahaha 111 1st Ave S and right below a trippy rug store it couldn't be any better than that... Definitely a dove btw with the branch in its mouth.
  2. Watcher369

    Our timeline could be much shorter than we think...

    DUDE they've already shown us exactly what your describing here... WATCH THIS VIDEO! Holy f*** I realized this fortnite game is giving glimpses into the nature of these reset cycles I recommend going back and watching every season finale... Lots of 'predictive programming' and cube...
  3. Watcher369

    1770s: Seattle, Tsunami, Earthquakes, Lake Washington and Underwater Forests

    Wow dude appreciate the work you’ve put in here, looks like we’ve begun to uncover something someone out there may not be happy to bring into the light. Just a bit of warning on that... this could be an age old government insurance scam in regards to the colonial business that occurred shortly...
  4. Watcher369

    1892 Pioneer Building in Seattle: how and when was it built?

    Looks like the same kind of sketchy backstory and building design as my area north of the border... I guess the 311 event already happened..? lol.