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  1. Right Arm

    Question | Year 2030: what are they hiding?

    Damn, what a synchronicity, I was in prison between 17 and 21 years of age, before I got there I was pretty much illiterate, i quickly found that my only escape was in books of the library, I started with fiction and quickly moved to sci fi and then onto Von Daniken, Stichen and Graham Hancock...
  2. Right Arm

    Question | Year 2030: what are they hiding?

    I don't think it is something they are hiding, iIthink it is something they are fearing, I base this conclusion upon their actions, their fear is the the hive mind uniting and just turning around and saying no we ain't listening to your horseshit anymore, hence the need for full retard...
  3. Right Arm

    1873 NYC Artificial Islands: Hoffman and Swinburne

    I am well suspicious of the area as a whole, lots of forts, Man-hatten Island Holds it's own secrets, I have an older pic of Liberty Island undergoing some construction/renovation and there is more under there( it is in my unnamed screenshot collection which is as vast as it is stupid for me not...
  4. Right Arm

    The Matrix: Sphere with a Flat Surface

    So many things about this vid from Michelle Gibson make me think of this thread and this site in general, Tech, Mandala, Cern, even the Pioneer building in San Fran, It is like all the pieces of the puzzle are all on the table but yet we are still not able to see the overall image.
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    Book | 1904: The Giants

    You ever see a show called Stargate... Looks like it was constricted by a big snake at the time of death for both, very strange and as I said I have no way of verifying this in any way.
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    Book | 1904: The Giants

    Can't attach the .mp4 but most probs a fake somehow.
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    Great to hear from you, sending positive vibes to you and yours.

    Great to hear from you, sending positive vibes to you and yours.
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    Old Bergman Tools Building, Buffalo, NY

    Cough, cough, move along, move along. Star fort central.
  9. Right Arm

    Old Bergman Tools Building, Buffalo, NY

    And just across the river we have the Erie Fort, always close by these things. 42°53'36.11"N 78°55'26.47"W
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    Our timeline could be much shorter than we think...

    The above sure sounds a lot like this, 14.08 Doggerland - Greenland Theory I have always thought the Greenland theory was a bit too out there even for me but now I am not so sure.
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    Cities by Wolfsauge

    This reminds me of when looking for star forts in Portugal that although most of the villages look organic they often turn out to be too much of the same to be so. Here is a very quick sample of a couple of smaller outlying villages with a larger fort type town at it's center. 38° 1'1.84"N...
  12. Right Arm

    Antwerp: authorities rebury our true history?

    Ah, I feel all nostalgic, Antwerp was my first star city. It is also a little different to the rest, most have a circular or hexagonal outer edge yet Antwerp has a quite distinct spiral pattern to it, never figured out why but always think of the fibonacci curve when looking at it.
  13. Right Arm

    2021 Dixie: Wildfires in California

    Wouldn't happen to be in the path of a high speed rail system by any chance... Cough, cough.
  14. Right Arm

    Old Bergman Tools Building, Buffalo, NY

    ProtonVPN: Secure and Free VPN service for protecting your privacy This will get your computer to tell the world you are somewhere other than where you are and it is free and as far as I can tell works pretty good. Hope thats not to off topic. That star fort is a very interesting shape...
  15. Right Arm

    28 new 15,000 year old viruses discovered in Tibetan glacier

    Wow, wonder if the will be named alpha, beta, gamma and so on.
  16. Right Arm

    Fortresses: Jongs aka Dzongs in Lhasa; Gyantse, Phari, Chitishio, etc. in Tibet

    That woman in the last pic is freaking huge. There is defiantly a differing style of east west forts, the only similarity is the mystery of their construction and purpose. Here are some that I threw into a thread on the Forts of the East(citadels and pyramids)
  17. Right Arm

    Chronology: how old is Odessa and what's its name?

    Very heavily populated star fort area, the forts are now mostly decimated, the images in this thread scream out to me that that was the purpose of the invasions. The is also a WOW line that runs north to the city pictured below, the distance is 350km from fort to fort on a hading of close...
  18. Right Arm

    Could our planet Earth be one huge quarry?

    I am on the fence about Stamets and the mycelium theory, much because it is used in the newer version of star trek and popularised by the movie avatar, however i could see the star forts and cities as hubs for the field systems as maybe nodes that could accumulate or harness/make use of it in...
  19. Right Arm

    1845: The Great Fire of Pittsburgh

    Wonderful and thought provoking article KD, you really are getting good at demolishing the narrative. I have a feeling that a lot of these instances of fires where laying the ground work for the actions of the civil war, although I think the civil part was not waged upon the population but the...
  20. Right Arm

    Nah-Po-Lee-Hon, The Late Great Kan of Tartary

    Haha, Ho Lee Fuk, Sum Ting Wong.