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  1. torgo

    My first video. How did they pull it off?

    Absolutely. I would add that Dune is also about the current empire that's been in place this last millennium (more or less) and their government structure / Faufreluches hierarchy, secret societies, the elite bloodline families and how they operate.
  2. torgo

    My first video. How did they pull it off?

    I enjoyed your new video and I was reminded that I've been wanting to share this with you for a while. Not sure if you're already aware of it. If there's truth in fiction, the Foundation series could be a big truth drop by Asimov about what really happened and how the old empire was defeated by...
  3. torgo

    Ybor City tunnels in Tampa

    There was also allegedly a buried city in Michoacán, Mexico... (from 'The Hamilton Guidon', 1875-01-07) .
  4. torgo

    Spotted in Underground Seattle: whose Coat of Arms was it?

    The gryphons at the entrance remind me a lot of the gryphons at the Vienna World's Fair in 1873. Also, they are in 2 German flags from this book, the one at the middle-right almost identical to the Tartary flag. The gryphons in Vienna and your coat of arms being similar to a Hungarian one...
  5. torgo

    The legendary tomb of the Etruscan king Lars Porsena

    This reminds me of the "Circle Swing" rides at the old amusement parks, which are covered in this Conspiracy-R-Us video. It seems very possible these "rides" were repurposed machines. Here are some photos.
  6. torgo

    The Aqueduct at Queretaro, and Other Ones...

    What if Monorail trains were used long ago? And their tracks on land have long since vanished. That was what I thought when I saw the top.
  7. torgo

    La Luz Silver Project, Real de Catorce, Ogarrio Tunnel and the First Majestic Silver Corp

    This is the "Ruins of Karnak" at the world's longest cave Mammoth Cave in Kentucky, US. Makes me wonder how many caves in the world are actually ancient sunken cities.
  8. torgo

    Devil's slides in Utah and Montana: what were these structures?

    Maybe some type of mining operation? Here is The Rock of La Baume in Sisteron, France.