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  1. NewTarian

    Norumbega: Washington Monument and the Roman Empire

    Been doing some research on the Phrygian cap, and coinage. I’ve been trying - like ya’ll, to look at what can be possible. Texts themselves are difficult to parse - but coinage in itself is a text. I believe understanding the caps and their true historical role is imperative to understanding...
  2. NewTarian

    Book | 1940s: The Shaver Mystery

    This book is extremely important. Already it explains/links together quite a few main ideas in just this one portion alone. Please read the attached before my conclusion. Explanation: The word ‘Ro-man’. That people were slaves, but happy? Able to do amazing structures? The temples? All of it...
  3. NewTarian

    Book | 1990: Tower of Babylon. Alternate Universe story by Ted Chiang

    KD So I am a hobbyist writer and voracious reader, and would like to add to this because it is what caused my ‘awakening’ to go deeper. I believe that the creative arts tap into something more. I believe that a lot of it is metaphor and parable, but that in order to write something genuine there...
  4. NewTarian

    1888: Casa Monica Hotel by Franklin W. Smith

    I don’t know the best place to add this, but it ties into the idea of toilets and that has been mentioned in multiple posts. The idea of Sun Eating. I think it’s a possible explanation for the structures not having bathrooms. There is a lot of information about it out there, so likely you’ve...
  5. NewTarian

    1896 Sutro Baths: treatment plant or swimming pool?

    New member here. Thanks for allowing me to participate. I believe it is an extremely efficient meat processing center - butchering, hide treating, and food processing plant. We have everything we need (Salt. Water. Heat Source (Flume Pictured) and Cold Ice Rink? Additionally we would have lots...