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  1. Verity

    1919: Seattle boy claims he gets power from air

    "The Johnny Appleseed of LSD." Lol.. Still a good story.
  2. Verity

    Running thread: how did they manage to alter our history?

    Sure can. First of all I read the book above years and years ago. Maybe over ten years back. It was weird, the story of some guy who hunted about for people who had found physical crystal skulls in South America. They were supposed to be ancient super-computer style trinkets with a huge dose of...
  3. Verity

    Running thread: how did they manage to alter our history?

    Yes, I was arguing this last night. The church set the boundaries for our scientific paradigms which are finite and corrupted until the time is right. Things only come clear when that boundary is breeched by 'The Singularity' or an intuitive jump perhaps by enough people. (Single eye/Kundalini.)...
  4. Verity

    Helen of Troy, The Fountain of Light and the Eye of Ra Device

    Have you seen the recent Thunderbolt Project vid. on this subject?
  5. Verity

    Running thread: how did they manage to alter our history?

    Funny thing. Raised by a christian. Hated the religion. Despised it. Considered it the cause of all my woes. Massive sacrifice because of its dogma. Then, (and I still do want to see the end of it because it has been weaponised) I realised it was an esoteric doctrine. It was never supposed to be...
  6. Verity

    Running thread: how did they manage to alter our history?

    The eye thing, seeing as the subject is metaphysics, is a reference to the all seeing eye, or the pineal gland. The munters in the picture here are doing it as some sort of fashion statement, but it's a real thing. The 'single eye' is the means to 'see' and understand the universe. In the Kali...
  7. Verity

    Urban Fires of the past vs. Wildfires of today

    “It was just panic. People were crying on the side of the road and begging,” she said Thursday. “People jumped in each other’s (cars), people had bicycles, people ran, people had skateboards, people had cats under their arms … just sprinting down the street. The apocalypse was happening. It was...
  8. Verity

    The Siberian Hoax: Sculpture of a Fallen Angel...

    Maybe a sort of hoax in keeping with the strangeness of the desert sculpture in the US, but not a pointless hoax. About a month or two after the first lockdown (ah nostalgia) it all appeared to be a spiritual operation. I remember being online with you guys actually, we were stuck in an air...
  9. Verity

    TV Show | Dominion

    I'm gonna have to watch it. Thanks for the tip.
  10. Verity

    TV Show | Dominion

    First thing I looked up was the name of the city, Vega. My usual routine now is whipping every unusual word through 'wisdomlib', a Vedic/Sanskrit dictionary. It came up mostly as speed, force, velocity. Vega, Vegā: 24 definitions Presumably they're really pouring petrol on Revelation. (And...
  11. Verity

    Ancient Canals of the South-West coast of Florida

    Hi I just watched your vid. which was engaging, and happened to notice that at 52secs, 1.03m., 5.m., 7.03m. shows evidence of a (DC I think) electrical discharge pattern- it can be seen as the big 'lake' dumped right on top of perfectly squared lines at 7.56m too. Andrew Hall talks about...
  12. Verity

    My first video. How did they pull it off?

    It's difficult to respond without points to cut, paste and address! Great voice, comfortable knowing you share a similar cultural perspective as Nik Research (- the one who started all this for me). In my opinion, the seal of the US with the pyramid, the all-seeing eye and 1776 are all highly...
  13. Verity

    Primary Sources, according to an A.I.

    It's all hilarious. I'm late in reading Edwin Johnson's 'Rise of Christendom' but my husband told me plenty of people here had read it. It dates not just the Bible but Catholicism and Ovid's Metamorphosis all to the same date then, c.11th century. Artificial intelligence isn't artificial...
  14. Verity

    Sara Teasdale: There Will Come Soft Rains

    No rain, no gain.
  15. Verity

    The Matrix: Sphere with a Flat Surface

    Flat earth is a metaphor. The spirit rises upwards, or to the north. It seeks ever upwards (to Know, Gnosis). Unless it is a lump of earth, which is also a metaphor. Or a rock, or a stone. These live in darkness, which is a metaphor for ignorance. So the more one seeks, the less flat the earth.
  16. Verity

    The Matrix: Sphere with a Flat Surface

    The word 'inscendence' is pretty rare. This page doesn't recognise it and is telling me it is a typo in fact. The gist of the meaning is that it is a 'climbing up in to' action. Inversely, it is also described this way; "I keep going back to this brilliant essay by Bill Plotkin that I read some...
  17. Verity

    The Grand Canyon is under 450 years old...?

    Not quite sure where this info. belongs, only that it's interesting in relation to the Americas. I follow a few thinkers on faceberg, and this just came in below. It was amazing to find these men bandied this sort of info. about so casually over 50years ago, referencing books that went back to...
  18. Verity

    Question | The Moon split in two. What are we seeing?

    The eye can clearly see at the beginning of the vid. that it's filmed *through* the power lines in the mid-ground. He (or she) then focuses on the moon, causing the dark line of the finer power cable to appear as if it's cutting the moon in half. Not much to see here imho, although there was a...
  19. Verity

    The Grand Canyon is under 450 years old...?

    Like you I'm endlessly fascinated by this subject and the Pompeii article is one of my all-time favourites. My dates at the moment tend towards early-mid 1600's to mid 1700's for the most recent significant interference, because of the 20-50yr gap needed for 'wits collection', dealing with the...
  20. Verity

    ‘Dragon Man’ skull: a new species of human

    The clickbait title suggests 'grasp the symbology'. This is without reading or watching the message. So much is taken literally that is not literal.