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  1. Ice Nine

    End of Tartaria

    I've noticed that the "wristwatch" looks like the round windows in the old churches too, it's a popular symbol. but really it also made me sit up and take notice that on the Tartary Coat of Arms, that identical round symbol and the Lion has wings too, as do all of the Anunnaki with their...
  2. Ice Nine

    Cathedrals: Who really built them?

    @dreamtime I really, really like your theory, it makes a lot of sense. And I'm also thinking this is correct: "Amazingly all of this could explain our religious myths, and completely come without any alien force. It would be us all of the time throughout history, only us." Although I can't...
  3. Ice Nine

    Cathedrals: Who really built them?

    Good stuff here, wish we could just sit and talk in person, it would be easier. I've been thinking we need to know what else was going on in the world at the about the same time as all these huge not Cathedrals were being constructed. My mind wandered off thinking about the very famous Kailasa...
  4. Ice Nine

    Ironclad ships - another example of Tartarian technology?

    Instantly thought of the old Kalakala Ferry built in 1926. It was so cool! MV_Kalakala
  5. Ice Nine

    The impossible ship: SS Great Eastern a.k.a. Leviathan

    Yes I've looked high and low and there are no pictures of it without the entire hull complete and as seen above they must have replaced the weathered and worn decking. We only see them adding the paddle wheels and working above deck for the most part. ]
  6. Ice Nine

    The Vatican "pine cone" is no symbol of knowledge

    I swear Queen Elizabeth is going to live forever. I think I had a Mandela effect, I would have bet the farm Kissinger was dead,he's 95 now, I even had to go verify it one way or the other.
  7. Ice Nine

    Tartarian Symbols at the 1901 Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York

    Hi, we have another thread about the Pan Am Exposition in Buffalo, with lots of pictures in it too. 1901 Pan Am Buffalo and why these Pan Ams were as insane as they look
  8. Ice Nine

    Don't leave home without your pinecone and purse....

    Interesting idea Apollyon and it does make me wonder, but for now I think the Sumerian artifacts are real I'm thinking about how all these big buff Annunaki have the exact same physique. Extremely over developed calf muscle. the exact same on every carving. I'm pretty sure they are wearing...
  9. Ice Nine

    1862 Revolver Camera

    Of course I had to double check. It looks so Steam-Punk. Very ingenious, but dangerously stupid. Hold still while I shoot a photo of you..Opps! wrong gun. Well atleast I can see potential for wrong-doing.
  10. Ice Nine

    150 Foot tall "streetlights" Los Angeles 1800s

    Only light tower off hand I can think of was the Lighthouse of Alexandria, Egypt, it was over 330 feet high.
  11. Ice Nine

    Nuku Hiva: the mystical island

    Synchronicity is strong here.
  12. Ice Nine

    150 Foot tall "streetlights" Los Angeles 1800s

    Yep a loose screw will get us every time.
  13. Ice Nine

    Single photo: 1856 photo of Cologne Cathedral and 15th century crane

    Maybe that church is so old it's actually petrified. I'm to the point now, were any half-baked idea is sounding better than what what are supposed to believe about anything.
  14. Ice Nine

    Cathedrals: Who really built them?

    @Timeshifter , that's crazy nobody can see the pictures, well or not. I think it was being remodeled, spruced up, not built from scratch. I'm always dumbfounded by the massive size(s) in more than a few respects. First off why do humans our size need buildings with up to 156 foot high ceilings...
  15. Ice Nine

    Gobekli Tepe - 12,000 year old pre-historic site

    When it was first being talked about and it was said it was buried intentionally, well first off, what a massive job that must have been. And then secondly, my modern mind can only come up with 2 reasons, they wanted to hide it because they wanted to come back one day and use the site again, or...
  16. Ice Nine

    Single photo: 1856 photo of Cologne Cathedral and 15th century crane

    @BStankman the World War two filminspector article and filmed footage was really fascinating and hard to watch, but I had to do it. My dad and many uncles and an Aunt were in World War II. All of them, except my Aunt were overseas fighting. Holy Crud, what is that cathedral made out of.
  17. Ice Nine

    150 Foot tall "streetlights" Los Angeles 1800s

    Welcome fellow west coaster! great first post. All I can say how utterly ridiculous, 150 foots light poles. I like Timeshifter thought of energy collectors. I did some digging and found Moonlight Towers. There is one still in Austin, Texas. How come we never know about stuff like this? At the...
  18. Ice Nine

    Leonardo da Vinci: inventor or inheritor?

    I'll check her writing out too! Yeah how come nobody was interested in a flying machine or bat wings or any number of things he was inventing. Maybe he just sat around and doodled all these for his own amusement.
  19. Ice Nine

    Cathedrals: Who really built them?

    Jeez Louise , yes! What a topic. I'm always thinking how in the hell did they build these things in the 12th-16th century. They are left from a prior advanced civilization, that makes the most sense to me for an explanation. But I have to do some more digging to see what else was "suppose" to...
  20. Ice Nine

    The Titanic was a Ritual Sacrifice

    Since I wholeheartedly ascribe to the notion that everything revolves around great wealth and the subsequent power it affords a few, I can believe this. We are just like ants to the top 1% and if hundreds of us peasants die in their pursuits, they could care less. What better method to get John...