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    1862 Revolver Camera

    For a while, I thought they had a rifle with telescope back then :) But this is interesting finding too. The fellow from the movie used "ingenious design" and that they can trace the story about this camera back to 1860', even though they know nothing about producer logo inscribed on the camera...
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    Motivation behind the global deception?

    Did people use to know more? Or maybe they were also so blind as today when watching some Hollywood's super production revealing lots of truth through symbology? I think people love illusions. Try to tell about the reset which took place 2 hundred years ago to average Joe. You would scare him...
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    1889 Post-Fire Seattle rebuild speed: 5,625 buildings in 18 months

    What an amazing topic. This was also strange for me that after so mass destruction of US cities, they were rebuilt one by one in 1 or 2 years. @KorbenDallas gave possible explanations about this issue and gave as a first "Time tables are screwed up" solution. This is the most convincing...
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    Legitimization of chemtrail airplanes and tactics

    Thanks for sharing. Clouds can surely be produced by Nature. But was it enough? Maybe Elites decided to have constant stabile clouds supply, not to have worries about if Nature would meet their needs of warm temperatures and clean water. The dirty industry would have another benefit for them...
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    Legitimization of chemtrail airplanes and tactics

    This is a very interesting topic! This amazing forum has lots of pictures with traces of clean advanced technology from a time before the Reset. We can see there was no heating in buildings, large windows were also very common. We have old maps without any ice even on Antarctica. But after the...
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    Foundlings and the Orphan Trains: video by CONSPIRACY-R-US

    Another thing that crosses my mind and could be related to "children issue" in 18xx. I am pretty sure elites knew about coming Reset. I am sure they also have a knowledge about next Reset date. What if they secured their "slave" labor to start a new civilization alter the destruction of the old...
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    Foundlings and the Orphan Trains: video by CONSPIRACY-R-US

    I'm thinking this is true. I found a picture which describes such event in Poland: Plik:Russian soldiers capturing Polish children in Warsaw 1831.PNG – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia We still have the square from the picture look like pretty the same today Sigismund's Column - Wikipedia. The...
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    What caused the global cataclysm? Part two.

    Ages of Man this is a very interesting subject. We have "Hesiod's Five Ages" where first age is described: Is this not similar to Adam and Eve garden? Whole wiki text is very interesting as it shows many myths worldwide are quite similar. Jesus or maybe still Satan as Jesus was announcing...
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    What caused the global cataclysm? Part one.

    @KorbenDallas, Scientific consensus - Wikipedia and Paradigm - Wikipedia So basically those figures were invented and all you need to do is believe it!
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    What caused the global cataclysm? Part one.

    Very interesting topic and a good entry for truth reconstruction attempt. I personally believe the last reset was caused by a pole shift. I do not know if this was the natural cause or not. I'm pretty sure lots of mass destruction weapons were used as well then. However official science is...
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    Foundlings and the Orphan Trains: video by CONSPIRACY-R-US

    I was thinking about those children for a long time and could not figure out how did it happen. Until I watched "Age of disclosure" and his movie "RE-SET", where there is a short information about possible cannibalism in 18xx. And everything started to fall into place. I watched Martin Liedke...