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    Circular lakes: evidence of the War of Gods?

    Just want to add a blogpost related to a possible nuclear war of 1812 Great Tartaria was wiped out by nuclear bombardment.
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    American Arcadia: Arcadia-city, Starnatana, Taina...

    Here is some ideas around Arcadia by AISPIK in the YouTube video: American FINDING : “ 95 % of the Golden Age can be RETURNED” The official historical science asserts that the Europeans or the main carriers of the modern civilization discovered the American continent at the very end of the...
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    Book | 1824 Flood in The Fencing Master by Alexandre Dumas

    Relating to floods. AISPIK based on their historical data review/analysis and field trips to test their hypothesis about 2 foods happened in 17th and 19th century. The 17th century flood has destroyed an ancient civilization and the 19th flood has destroyed so called by AISPIC inter-flood...
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    Book | 1835: The Year 4338. Petersburg Letters

    Oleg Pavlyuchenko, an alternative history researcher (a lot of his research is on his youtube channel AISPIK), has proposed a theory of 2 major floods in 17 century and in mid-19 century. The first flood has destroyed Ancient civilization which did not disappear “thousands of years” according to...