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  1. bendigo

    Poll | UFO pilots - who and what are they?

    I really like the "custodial phenomenon" theories and find them plausible that such an entity exists, but whatever this government disclosure event is going to be seems to be separate from that. You can already see the lies in what they're saying, so whatever they plan to disclose is not for...
  2. bendigo

    19th century sci-fi airships: could they fly?

    Fascinating that each of these concepts include those parasol shaped devices. At first I thought maybe they were acting as parachutes to impede descent so the propeller could keep it aloft, but I like the idea of them being antenna. what's curious though is that the colorized photo at the end...
  3. bendigo

    Funerary Chullpa Towers and the Aymara People

    Great work. An interesting theory I've come across is that they are actually tanks to hold liquid as part of a gold mining process. I realize that sounds bizarre but this youtube channel covers it in great detail over 10 videos and is very convincing. it's not only these towers, but many...