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  1. Buddystinks

    High Collars vs. Long Necks and Kayan People

    I will pay anyone 100,000,000,000.00 if they can put together a flow cart of how all these theories (Alien Races, Floods, Time Lines, Demonic Elite) pull together.
  2. Buddystinks

    Abandoned 1856 Toronto almost ready for re-population...

    I have never been to Toronto, is it really that flat?
  3. Buddystinks

    When Jesus abandoned America, or why TPTB prefer Pagan Gods

    Interesting subject. It got me thinking how a country that was 99.9 % Christian, allowed these non Christians to put all these Pegan Gods around their capital and no one said anything. They are all over not just in one building. They were not to far from the Witch burning days. You think the...
  4. Buddystinks

    Yemen: The Well of Barhout aka the Well of Hell

    Interesting subject matter. It would be interesting to see what lies at the bottom of that smelly, avian well. I think most of us can agree on is that the professionals are willfully lying to us or they are just make up a story to shut the masses up. D.U.M.Bs and tunnel system are an interesting...
  5. Buddystinks

    18th Century: Atmospheric Phenomena or Unknown Weapons?

    I have my doubts to on whether they really exist.
  6. Buddystinks

    Suvorov, Yermak, Pugachev, Razin and the Siberian War

    Interesting theory you have. I'm not sure there is a huge conspiracy to rewrite history on a massive scale. I get there are certain times that might be altered, like a massive extinction level event or a massive empire that was wiped out. I can see how things change through history. The winner...
  7. Buddystinks

    The Dark Secret of the Vatican Pagan Gods

    This is a very interesting read. :geek:
  8. Buddystinks

    Welcome to the Vatican Library Secret Archives... you are not!

    Very Intresting... Do you know if there is an area they will not allow you to enter or books/manuscripts that you cant read?