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  1. JJACK33

    Jacksonville's architect Henry John Klutho. Who was he, and did he exist?

    Whew, for a minute there I thought you were gonna tell us he was the winner of yet another design contest. 🙄 If I hear that explaination one more time I think I might explode.🔥
  2. JJACK33

    1845: The Great Fire of Pittsburgh

    "......bomb shelters in case of a nuclear attack." 😁😆😅🤣🤣🤣. Sorry, that get's me everytime.
  3. JJACK33

    Old Bergman Tools Building, Buffalo, NY

    The War of 1812🙄...what a farce. How did we not see this before. The idea war would be waged against so many different countries at the same time, with multiple fronts to fight is beyond ridiculous. They'd never be able to keep that number of troops supplied, especially when fighting multiple...
  4. JJACK33

    Our timeline could be much shorter than we think...

    Those who know our true history and who possess sacred knowledge must also know when the next cyclical catastrophe is due to occur. It's become quite obvious why the man-made global warming farce was introduced into the collective consciousness all those years ago. They knew what was coming and...
  5. JJACK33

    Our timeline could be much shorter than we think...

    KD, wow...amazing. I must have read this 5 times and I'm still trying to process it all. Do you mind explaining what you mean by this statement?- "...based on the 10 years we are given due to the so-called Global Warming..." Thank you for all your diligent research.
  6. JJACK33

    The State of Georgia #3: Fort Frederica and town Frederica

    Amazing research and article. I wonder what it is they wish to hide the most, the previous civilization? or the catastrophe that wiped them out? And who are the Indians exactly? Might they actually be the survivors of such a catastrophe who formed themselves into tribes based on their...
  7. JJACK33

    Babylon, Baghdad, Lake Tharthar: what and where was the real Babylon?

    This guy theorizes it's in Peru. Check it out.
  8. JJACK33

    Pre-1870: Mud Flood in Kansas City

    KD, Check out these "dug-out" homes in and around Kansas City in the mid to late 1800's. They tell us these were purposefully built this way.🤣. Also look at the landscape surrounding many these dug-out homes -completely barren, nothing but dirt as far as the eye can see. Kansas Memory KD...
  9. JJACK33

    Noah's Flood and Russian Pineapple Trees

    I'm begining to think the worldwide mudflood, deserted cities and catacombs full of bones are all the result of Noah's flood, just under 500 yrs ago. I live in Dallas Texas and often find small seashells while digging and doing yard work on my property.