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    Question | Year 2030: what are they hiding?

    Presumably if 2030 has some sort of symbolic value, then movie makers might have used that symbolism in their own works. I skimmed this list quickly (plus added an old video game that came to mind) and saw some interesting themes: Android Revolution: Cyber Lip (Android revolt + alien invasion)...
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    Question | Year 2030: what are they hiding?

    I’d love to read about this more. Do you have a book or source that covers the French origin of these stories? I’ve been reading pretty heavily about the pagan culture in Europe and I think the folk tales have a lot of that culture leftover in them. The more info the merrier. I’ve definitely...
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    Colony of Virginia vs. 1636 Map

    Yes. This is on page18-19. I could have sworn there were a couple of other spots that brought it up, but the author must not have used the word moustache.
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    Colony of Virginia vs. 1636 Map

    Curiously, that Government / Religion book I read in multiple spots notes the “mustache” war paint of the “Virginia Indians.”
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    Colony of Virginia vs. 1636 Map

    This thread inspired me to start reading this book, which is freely downloadable as a PDF. It’s from 1895 but uses older sources for its information. It basically says the natives had organized government with taxes, buildings and civil behavior on par with the colonists, and a religion that...
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    Acropolis aka Necropolis, Schliemann and 1877 Cremation Temple

    Conspiracy R Us just did a video on this. He points out some similarities to this being a mining site. Interesting thoughts.
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    Question | Year 2030: what are they hiding?

    In a number of older cultures, the war god was incredibly ugly until beautified by burning in a heavenly fire. So the connection makes sense. I’ve never thought about looking into “antebellum” with a possible connection to (supposedly) ancient religion, but that feels like an interesting avenue...
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    Acropolis aka Necropolis, Schliemann and 1877 Cremation Temple

    I've had the same thought regarding our modern society not having a firm grasp on the old culture / religion. I've been studying quite a bit on the topic. I'm also starting think there was a fairly consistent, widespread "pagan" religion at some point earlier in history. My understanding is...
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    The Great Seal of the State of California: Horned Creature and the War Goddess

    Astrologically, going back to the original concept of only six planets, Saturn rules both Capricorn (goat) and Aquarius (man), and thus has often been portrayed as a goat-man. The winged serpents are also frequently associated with Saturn. In my opinion, wings and horns are often interchangeable...
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    The Lost History of the Flat Earth

    An underwater dome definitely puts a new spin on the “bubbles in space” conspiracy. 😅😳
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    Atmospheric electricity and building destruction in the 19th century

    The timing of these storms is interesting. I just started reading The Invisible Rainbow, which starts off with a history of the popularity of electrical health treatments. Curiously these treatments stop in popularity right around the same time as these alleged thunderstorms.
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    Old and New Washington State Capitol Buildings in Olympia

    I'm curious how the clocks work. Because it would appear that they were all in sync near the start of the fire around 3:50. And then while the fire is being put out, the clocks are out of sync: 4:45, 4:48, 5:00. So there was such a raging fire that the clocks almost all worked up until...
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    The forgotten people of Tahuglauk and Mozeemlek: 17th century North America

    Funny I was just reading about the discovery of the Great Salt Lake the other day. I thought to check here to see if there was a related thread -- and sure enough there is! According to Utah state history, the Salt Lake was discovered by Baron Lahontan in 1703. And yet, here we have a map on...
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    Moctezuma II: the Holy Roman Emperor?

    So.... we have a plausibly European-looking emperor possibly wearing the crest of a German-speaking empire, in a territory with European-esque buildings, and a people that might have spoken ancient German? 🤔
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    Royal BC Museum: Stone Hammers, Mayan Balls and Metal Pipes

    I recently came across the hypothesis that the Mayans actually spoke ancient German. There's a summary of it here, which has in English a small piece of a book written by an armchair linguist in Germany. Quoting the blog post, pertaining to this thread: And then a little bit later: I don't...
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    1897: Wuppertal Suspension Electric Railway by Eugen Langen

    This video is informative. Take it or leave it but it does sort of address the “why.”
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    Urban Fire verdict: global attack on our civilization or incompetency?

    Awhile back I’d mapped the fires along with domestic wars during the same time period. Interestingly, the fires and battles sort of move across time from N to S, E to W. Is that just due to American expansion? Or was there a slow moving front in a war? Also, just as an aside, I’ve been to...