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    Polish Crimea shaped one dollar coin with Elizabeth II and Niue Island

    Interesting article. Thanks. The coin is still for sale at the odd price of $77.77 Niue 1 dollar Livadia Palace silver proof color coin 2013
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    Yemen: The Well of Barhout aka the Well of Hell

    Who are the Omani Exploration Team? Clearly a lot more to explore down there. I've met a few cavers in my time and they don't rest until they've completely fully explored cave areas.
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    Iced Over Canals in Greenland

    Strange amount of media interest in a 30 metre piece of rock. Greenland rocky outpost
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    Who nuked San Francisco in 1906?

    Doron Zeilberger: (mathematician and philosopher) "Our mathematics is an accidental outcome of the random walk of history, and would have been very different with a different historical narrative." Doron Zeilberger's 110th Opinion
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    Who nuked San Francisco in 1906?

    You're probably right there. My point is, that if there is a technologically advanced civilisation running parallel with our mundane one, then it must have access to an advanced Science and consequently advanced Mathematics.
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    Who nuked San Francisco in 1906?

    That's a fascinating article. I was once told by a Math professor when I was at university that Mathematics is always decades ahead of the Science that it powers. That means that Science will always have the Mathematical theorems that it needs for new inventions and discoveries. Hence, Science...
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    1878 Panorama of abandoned San Francisco from California Street Hill

    In case it proves helpful to any sharp-eyed readers, I remastered a couple of these San Francisco skyline images and used AI to color them. Hopefully of assistance to someone. Got me thinking what a beautiful city this was.
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    Could our planet Earth be one huge quarry?

    Yes, around that same time.
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    Could our planet Earth be one huge quarry?

    Thanks. Great post and interesting comments. Curiously many of those waste heaps are pyramidal in shape. Perhaps the Giza pyramids are also waste from quarry heaps with regular block facades added at a later stage. I think it's possible that the French may have added those facades to the waste...
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    Our timeline could be much shorter than we think...

    Great article and replies. Thanks. What do you think are the main reasons the historical narritive writers and chronologists have gone to such lengths to hide the true time lines? My theory is that it's an attempt to us all feel small and insignificant. Other vast timelines include the Big Bang...
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    1845: The Great Fire of Pittsburgh

    Very interesting article. Thanks.The first thing I noticed in the images was the amazing pentagonal fort . Michelle Gibson and others have done excellent work investigating what are known as Star Forts. She speculates that they are part of a world wide energy grid system. Could the intense heat...
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    Railroad Construction: Light Ties or Strong People?

    A bit of research suggests that with training an average man can carry about 145 pounds. So, these guys were either seriously fit or else mega tall individuals.
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    Napoleonic Wars and Year 1812: when did they happen?

    Great article. PS Thanks for mentioning Michelle Gibson she is truly awesome. So good to see her doing well on YouTube as she gave up her Bitchute posts last year and her website is chaotic to browse through.
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    Urban fire damage or was it a powerful nuclear-like explosion?

    I had an uncle who was an RAF combatant during WWII. He told me an interesting story about something that happened to him as a serviceman. Shortly after the "atomic bomb" was dropped on Hiroshima (I recall my uncle saying it was only about two or three months after the atomic bombing) he was...
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    Our timeline could be much shorter than we think...

    Thank you KD for a really interesting and thought provoking article. I'm off to explore Google Ngram.
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    400 year old Sahara Desert, or why people forgot everything they knew about Africa

    This is a fascinating article and thanks very much from this new member. I notice in the map "Same 1574 Map" that there are clear place names such as SELIN and TELGIRA. Can anyone find any modern references to these or any other locations near them on the map?