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    Ancient Genetics Factory: The Temple of Artemis

    Emperor Vespasian Vespa-bee in Latin It seems that Vespasian and Barberini are somehow connected
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    Who is depicted on the Minin and Pozharsky pedestal bas-relief?

    On the monument: Citizen Minin and Prince Pozharsky grateful Russia 1818 Below is a conversation between illiterate peasants, one explaining to the other what the characters are.
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    Suvorov, Yermak, Pugachev, Razin and the Siberian War

    About Ermak Timofeevich. There are many inconsistencies in all the annals. For example, it is indicated that he participated in the Livonian War. Another, which was in the Urals at that time, is about the Remezov and Stroganov chronicles. Further. Painting "Coronation of Impe Alexander". It...
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    Triumphal Arches, aka Ianuae Magicae: bridge portals between places, or regular structures?

    When it comes to triumphal arches, the subconscious paints a picture of troops that are either returning or leaving for war. Before the advent of transport vehicles in the 19th century, capable of transporting an army by mechanical means, all the "great" conquests of remote territories seemed...
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    Question | What date? The Bronze Horseman statue of Peter the Great.

    I myself am from Russia. The top line cannot be read as "Peter the First". And the numbers are the same as in 1882. KD: Please use Google Translate next time. Thank you. (Rules)