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  1. Mike Nolan

    Seattle SR-99 Tunnel: construction difficulties

    What is going on just left to the red square in the last picture ? The road comes down the hill and stops with a building under it.
  2. Mike Nolan

    Saint Petersburg Kazan Cathedral was not built when they say it was...

    The gold colored Freemason symbol above the main entrance behind the obelisk is not there in the older painting.
  3. Mike Nolan

    The PTB History Fabrication Tools

    Spot on. We are told there were no guns or cannons that far back but maybe there was. Everything else is a lie so how do we not know that was not the case as well ? So happy SH org is back up thanks KD for having another go. Lets hope your privacy is respected this time round. Kd your...
  4. Mike Nolan

    The Matrix: Sphere with a Flat Surface

    This video i think fits in well with this thread. @7,30 he spins the system horizontally so instead of east west we end up with north south.