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  1. StevenSafak

    Dinosaurs Today: Dinocats, Diplozebras, Pteroswans and Archaeohumans

    Where is the main dinosaurs hoax article talking about who's land in Australia the first bones were found
  2. StevenSafak

    American Arcadia: Arcadia-city, Starnatana, Taina...

    I can’t say too much but I have a clue that inserting an r into a word is somehow symbolic of ownership. Idea comes from seemingly well organized families related or not where one family clan has the same last name as the other w an r added.. I can’t share more without breaching confidentiality
  3. StevenSafak

    1921-23 Saint Petersburg in ruins: Pavel Alexandrovich Shillingovsky

    Ww2 was much a genocide of flood survivor pockets... idk about ww1
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    Question | Year 2030: what are they hiding?

    Of course, and we should expect respectful skepticism as a cornerstone of our culture
  5. StevenSafak

    What If the Mappa Mundi is the True Map of the World Hypothesis. Chapter 1.

    I love this comment thank you soo much for sharing. I totally agree w every thing you said sans some details in the final section. I tend to agree that the matrix has been chugging along and will continue chugging along, we need to inspire as many souls to join off grid intentional sustainable...
  6. StevenSafak

    Do we have a real photo of the entire Planet Earth? Is NASA concerned of its shape?

    This is kinda random but I didnt have anywhere to post it and I just looked for the most recent cosmology thread: Globe is doublespeak for firmament / Atmosphere is doublespeak for firmament / Biosphere is doublespeak for firmament / Spinning Ball is doublespeak for firmament / Pale Blue Dot is...
  7. StevenSafak

    Novaya Zemlya: Russians Hiding the Remnants of the Old World?

    > The indigenous population was completely evicted from the islands in the 1950s This stands out to me, because what they would have done is taken the giants/sasquatches, yetis in this case, and had them relocated to deep underground or arctic or other firmaments, as opposed to slaughtering...
  8. StevenSafak

    How did the sand get into the Sahara Region?

    Organic templates... its a stable structure... it could be created cyclically and go thru multiple stages just like the water cycle..... OH man, I bet you it looks quite different undistorted, and thats another reason wonky projections are the standard
  9. StevenSafak

    The Wrath of Gods: GeoWeapons vs natural Mud Flood

    wowwwww!!!!! Milky way being a crack in the dome is wiiild. The dome must be double layered for security reasons and also to enable it to flood on demand by rotating the outer layer.. i wonder are there accounts of insane celestial imagery prior to the Great Floods or during, does anyone know...
  10. StevenSafak

    Question | Year 2030: what are they hiding?

    I like your comment and agree Alex Jones' role for the centralized psycho councils is to full-disclose as part of their karma avoidance system. The actor who formerly played Bill Hicks was pretty lucky to get this gig as it's one of the most coveted roles in all of Babylon. END TRANSMISSION.
  11. StevenSafak

    Boyars and the Clothes of Giants

    Dude this makes sense. Dude dude. I have always always felt intuitively that it was an Inverted Truth to say "Mars Atmosphere has low Oxygen" - I believe the firmament adjacent to ours is called Terra MarsSomethingLatinIDK and it probably has a HIGHER atmospheric OXYGEN PERCENTAGE, like we used...
  12. StevenSafak

    Could Jesus have been a Clone?

    Yeah, no. This is BS to get celebs & other illuminati peeps on board w/ being cloned. OP may also be defaming Yeshua Ben Yosef , I think. What kind of karma might that invoke?
  13. StevenSafak

    What If the Mappa Mundi is the True Map of the World Hypothesis. Chapter 1.

    This is absolutely fucking incredible, the Atlantic Ocean being the red sea blows my mind... they scaled it down.... holocaust being relatively miniscule blows my mind... again... they scaled it down.... phoenix/Phoenicia/cia X fetish blew my mind... Here's a couple things. The firmament could...
  14. StevenSafak

    Boyars and the Clothes of Giants

    Other way around. The regime is constantly pruning big trees to keep atmospheric oxygen low and therefore aether weaker...
  15. StevenSafak

    The Phaeacians 'remarkable' ships

    Why was it important to keep old Greek legends alive in the minds of islanders? Would they who translated KJV float about their work? Phaecians seem like the current rulers. We are domesticated sasquatches. Make atmospheric oxygen great again. Stop genociding giants on Terra firma
  16. StevenSafak

    Question | Year 2030: what are they hiding?

    My initial impression of this is a lot simpler than what's being presented here. 2030 strikes me as a deadline set by the central councils/factions/higher authorities. As per the commonwealth club article above: "Politicians moved quickly to incorporate the 2030 deadline into their speeches...