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  1. Freedomcage

    International Space Station saga: musical oranges or didgeridoo that gorilla

    One interesting thing they never mention is, how do they manage the inevitable static buildup? When planes land, they are immediately plugged in by several different kinds of inputs, one of which, is a grounding wire. Without this necessary dissipation of static charge buildup, the electronics...
  2. Freedomcage

    Movie | Metropolis (1927)

    Found a copy of the complete movie, restored, as far as possible, to its original theatrical release.
  3. Freedomcage

    The Matrix: Sphere with a Flat Surface

    Very interesting point! Management or lack thereof seems to be the tipping point in all of this. When the avatars involved in this game begin to realize that it is in their own thoughts that create this reality, the "controllers" can be rendered sideliners, and therefore no longer relevant in...