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    19th Century: Hyperloop Pneumatic and Atmospheric Subways and Railways

    Noticed the two wood 4x4s at the front of the train in the second photo are a lot taller. Obviously been edited down in size in the first photo, because that 4x4 would have been covering the guy's face. That guy must be important enough to take the effort to basically photoshop an obstruction...
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    1909: Ditch Tesla, buy Babcock Runabout

    I remember reading a few years back about a 'new' battery technology that would allow for refillable batteries. The electrolyte liquid could be drain and filled with fresh stuff, so something similar to filling your car with gasoline. But that isn't really a new technology. The old batteries...
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    Pompeiigate Scandal: Chronology Issues

    Probably not relevant, but ecclesiastical calendars use the golden number, where you divide by 19, take the remainder, and add 1. This is how they figure out the dates for various religious ceremonies that depend on the moon's phase (19-year metonic cycles). If the remainder is 0, then you use...
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    Question | The Language of the Slaves? Soft disclosure?

    I'm no expert in etymology (or anything, really), but the word 'slave' comes from 'slav', referring to the Slavic people, who typically were used as slaves (or servants, or possibly just physical labour under the standards of the time, similar to many slavs today). The origin of 'slav' seems to...