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  1. Martas

    Vatican, where are the Keys of Saint Peter?

    It is interesting that the attribute of St. Peter (whose real name was Simon/Simeon) are the keys, and of St. Paul - the sword. However, the sword is nowhere to be found in the pope's regalia or coats of arms, at least as far as I know. In the double-headed eagle, however, we also have a sword...
  2. Martas

    Christopher Columbus: what do we really know?

    I find it strange that in the book "Die unbekante Neue Welt..." from Arnoldus Montanus (1673) this guy Christofel Colonus should be actually Columbus. But why the name "Colonus"? Source In the book the name is also written as "Kristof Kolon" (page 44) and the author says: "Kristof Kolon, whom...