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  1. YellowCat13

    Running thread: how did they manage to alter our history?

    I seen a video while scrolling the chaos on a flat earth thread, (btw I’m familiar with all the topics and the points you brought up I’m totally with you), and someone set up an experiment that went like this. They took a cardboard box, a little bigger than a shoe box, and cut a piece out and...
  2. YellowCat13

    The Tower of Babel, Hendrick Van Cleve, and the Hendrick Van Cleve III group

    This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while, the one bit of info that is relevant is Mt Vesuvius in Italy, a supposed Stratovolcano, was bombed during WWII I believe, which raises the question why would we bomb a volcano? A researcher was looking at footage inside the crater and found...