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    Poll | 1871: Chicago Fire Damaged Buildings. What caused these damages?

    interested photographs The page you requested was not found, and we have a fine guess why...
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    Railroad Construction: Light Ties or Strong People?

    Here is the link to the complete photo album in good resolution with a descriptions to each picture. It says that the wood ties were made mostly of larch and pine. Amazing album, but I have no idea why some photos were "photoshopped" ??
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    Iced Over Canals in Greenland

    NASA topographic scan gives some more ideas:
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    Urban Fires of the past vs. Wildfires of today

    We have Pennsylvania, California, now Oxford, UK: May all these cases be connected, what do you think ? Maybe there are other "explosions", I don't know, these 3 just caught my attention from the news recently...
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    Seattle regrading or unearthing? Which one was it?

    Looks like some kind of a cathedral ? May it be the St. James Cathedral, what do you think?
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    Pre-1857 King's fish-boat. What kind of ship is this?

    "This unusual fish-shaped boat belonged to Wajid Ali Shah, the last Nawab of Awadh, who was forced out of his kingdom into exile by the British in 1856. After the Uprising of 1857, the boat was sunk and this photograph staged to symbolically mark the end of the Nawab’s era." The above narrative...
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    Urban Fires of the past vs. Wildfires of today

    I have identified the car: it is 3rd generation of Toyota 4Runner and it has a glass made lenses.
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    Urban Fires of the past vs. Wildfires of today

    I can't recognize the car brand/model...but the design seems to be quite modern to have the headlight lenses made of glass.
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    SPQR this & SPQx that. Empires were everywhere.

    I have just visited the Tempio Malatestiano in Rimini to take a look : The area I pointed in red was severely damaged, stains of dark paint are visible (blue arrows). It might not be the map at all.. The fragments in yellow (Pandolfo Malatesta, San Sigismonda, dogs, castle) are 100% painted...
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    San Francisco: 1906 vs. 1907, 1908 and 1909

    They still do have those middle-rail trams going :)
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    Urban Fires of the past vs. Wildfires of today

    Under what conditions do you think the plastic headlight lenses can stay intact and windshild glasses and alloy wheels got melted down as seen on the photos?
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    1900-1915 HD quality photos of the United States cities. Is that normal?

    I wonder what powered those type of carriages on th 2nd photo (electricity?):
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    1861-74: California State Capitol - construction or not?

    it depends on who do you think native Americans were...
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    1854-59 ship: SS Great Eastern a.k.a. Leviathan

    from this 1797 engraving it looks like they have added some kind of winter garden to the main house:
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    Emperors of the USA: Norton I and Aaron I

    What if the dates have not been altered? Some modern fonts include digits with similar "out of line" design:
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    The Phaeacians 'remarkable' ships

    According to the map of Corfu from year 1716, there also 2 small "navigation" satellite-stars that are not presented neither on the initial painting "View of Corfu and its fortifications, with the Venetian fleet, c. 1700" nor on the maps above: Number 1 has pretty much nothing left nowadays...
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    Who built Boys' High School in Philadelphia

    quite a peculiar lights here
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    1861-74: California State Capitol - construction or not?

    Amazing work they did back then for removing dirt around some structures and the streets...
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    1871-1901: Philadelphia City Hall

    I wonder what Penn statue is made from and how did they manage to put it on top of the building... :)
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    FBI investigation: secret underground tunnel discovered in Florida

    Where is the map ? Tunnels of Ybor explored, mapped for clues of their purpose It reminded me covered river in my town. Some parts of the flow was covered in 1907 with concrete structure, and it appears that they also used an old brick tunnels to reroute the flow somehere. So, the river flows...