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    Abandoned 1867 Moscow, Russia. Where are the people?

    I don't think they are fire escape ladders. Going up is the exact opposite of what you would do in case of a fire. They look like general maintenance type ladders. If these were fire escape ladders I would expect they would need to conform to some fire safety standard so they would all be...
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    Fake Antiquity: the bust of Julius Caesar. Why?

    I've been going through articles on this site for a few months and I've re-read certain articles a few times and I'm struggling with some fairly basic things. To answer your question with a question, what is a Roman bust? We've been taught Romans were toga-wearing folk but the Julius Caesar...
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    Question | The Language of the Slaves? Soft disclosure?

    First off I believe these guys do soft disclosures but I don't think this is one of those instances. The soft disclosure thing is necessary because the modus operandi is one of lies and deception, an almost complete inversion of truth, so I think the soft disclosure is a kind of necessary...
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    The Wrath of Gods: GeoWeapons vs natural Mud Flood

    This was my question while reading. Assuming it is a vibration device, what was the targeting system? The shape would suggest energy is focused to the tip where it is expelled/discharged. If this were used against other nations or specific areas then it would have to reflect that energy via a...
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    The Wrath of Gods: GeoWeapons vs natural Mud Flood

    Bit late to the conversation but was wondering about technologies that have been stolen from the old world and how it has been gradually introduced into society. Have read a bit about liquefaction and and seen it in a few documentaries and it seems there are many who assume some advanced...