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    Urban Fires of the past vs. Wildfires of today

    Here's the flash. Absolutely, 19th century and probably even further back.
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    What If the Mappa Mundi is the True Map of the World Hypothesis. Chapter 5.

    I respectfully disagree with this.
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    Bomb shelter for giants?

    Yes I believe they have, don't know if they mention giant size bones. I'll try and find the article. There is a massive stalagmite that looks to me like a melted viking man, don't know what I did with pic. I've been trying to find info about fats/muscle solidifying into stone/stalagmite. Could...
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    How did the sand get into the Sahara Region?

    It is interesting that the start of the "bomb blast" or whatever it is, is right where the Richat Structure is. When you zoom in, the structure has lots of lichtenberg figures/plasma waves.
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    How did the sand get into the Sahara Region?

    Study Sheds New Light on Origin of Libyan Desert Glass | Sci.News Wiki: Libyan desert glass or Great Sand Sea glass is an impactite, made mostly of lechatelierite, found in areas in the eastern Sahara, in the deserts of eastern Libya and western Egypt. Fragments of desert glass can be found...
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    Question | The Mandela Effect...

    I do wonder if we are in a simulation, but if we are it's one we do have power in imo. The number of things I've experienced after visualizing them is large. The power of our spoken word and thought, is enormous. We do have abilities to change and heal things. I think we heal things on sh with...
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    How did the sand get into the Sahara Region?

    From here: African myths Yoruba of West Africa: The Yoruba people believed in the sky god named Lord of Heaven, the sky god Olorun and the marshy water godess Olokun. Olorun and Olokun was the first gods on Earth in the beginning, untill Olorun lowered down a golden chain into the marshy...
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    How did the sand get into the Sahara Region?

    400 year old Sahara Desert, or why people forgot everything they knew about Africa is one of my absolute favorite articles by you. Not sure where the sand came from but definitely striking how it's sprayed over the continents like a decimating weapon. I have relatives in the Mediterranean and...
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    Movie | The Thirteenth Floor (1999) (1999)

    I remember watching this and thinking "space" was the limit of the simulation, as no common people can get there. Suppose it could be antarctica too. Pretty good movie.
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    Book | Giant Cities of Bashan: do they still exist?

    I've never heard of these verses! They fit absolutely with the knowledge we discuss! I agree with you, wish we could see photos of that place where men were "like grasshoppers" compared to the builders. The Baalbek pic looks closer to what the author is describing, certainly than any of the...
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    Hyperborea: what if it still exists?

    Not useful at all but the map of Zootopia looks a little like Hyperborea. Still, it's interesting the kidney bean shaped lake in one nation replicates the same shape of one of Hyporborea's small islands.
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    Is General Robert E. Lee dead in this 1865 photo?

    Wow, the Madam Tassaud wax sculptures look so real. It's freaky the two twin men in the middle, same face, same hair. Also the heads that scientist guy is holding up are huge! These things look 3 D printed. An article on Madam Tassaud's might be interesting. I think you've really hit on...
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    The Phaeacians 'remarkable' ships

    Your map is def interesting! The lines don't line up, and the island is currently a completely different shape!
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    Ancient Genetics Factory: The Temple of Artemis

    Check out this imagery of the Polynesian god Ta'aroa the creator. Very similar to Artemis' body sac uteruses. There's even similar animals on the body to those on Artemis. Of course Ta'aroa sounds similar to Tartaria. Nut also has some echoes of this. I know she's supposed to be the sky...
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    Year 1902: 1,200 foot long Noah's Ark found in Alaska.

    The ship was located on a hill thousands of feet above sea level, definitely does suggest deluge!
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    The Phaeacians 'remarkable' ships

    I agree it does sound like a modern day gps! And some kind of motor or power source. The source does sound suspicious, still sounds like the Phaecians and successive decedents were super proud of their navy/ships! What i wouldn't give to see what was under this black square! Looks like this...
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    The Phaeacians 'remarkable' ships

    The millenium falcon is such a good fit! Good point on sail, makes me want to look up etymology on sail, see if there are additional associations.
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    The Tower of Babel, Hendrick Van Cleve, and the Hendrick Van Cleve III group

    I agree. This thing looks very machine like. Maybe it was to "reach" god, as in call him up with it? Or view his works? I just watched this video on a machine called the chronovisor, supposedly in the Vatican, which allowed people to see any point in history. Maybe this was a turbo powered...
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    The Phaeacians 'remarkable' ships

    The Phaeacians possessed remarkable ships. They were quite different from the penteconters, the ships used during the Trojan War, and they were steered by thought. King Alcinous says that Phaeacians carried Rhadamanthus to Euboea, "which is the furthest of any place" and came back on the same...
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    The Tower of Babel, Hendrick Van Cleve, and the Hendrick Van Cleve III group

    I happened to look up pictures of the Tower of Babel, and ran into this guy, Hendrick Van Cleve: Hendrick van Cleve III Hendrick van Cleveor Hendrik van Cleve III (c. 1525 - between 1590 and 1595) was a Flemish painter, draughtsman and designer of prints. He is known for topographical views...