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  1. KorbenDallas

    The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America

    Drawing on 400 years of newspaper articles and photos, first person accounts, state historical records, and illustrated field reports, Richard J. Dewhurst reveals not only that North America was once ruled by an advanced race of giants but also that the Smithsonian has been actively suppressing...
  2. Monastery of St. Augustine in Mexico

    Monastery of St. Augustine in Mexico

    Monastery of St. Augustine in the municipality of Acolman, Mexico City, in photos from 1910 and now.
  3. Saucer at the Tomb of Jesus?

    Saucer at the Tomb of Jesus?

    Syria or Palestine, late sixth or early seventh century interior of lid: encaustic paint with gilding on wood, 24 x 18.4 x 1 cm wooden box containing stones from the Holy Land from the Chapel of the Sancta Sanctorum, Lateran Palace, Rome Museo Sacro, Vatican, inventory nos. 61883.2.1-2
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    The Great Sphinx of Giza and its Mystery Chambers

    Figured it was a good photo to add to the collection.
  5. Planisphere of the known world from the Atlas Miller (1519-1522)

    Planisphere of the known world from the Atlas Miller (1519-1522)

    The map presented here is from the Miller Atlas in the collections of the National Library of France. Produced for King Manuel I of Portugal in 1519 by cartographers Pedro Reinel, his son Jorge Reinel, and Lopo Homem and miniaturist António de Holanda, the atlas contains eight maps on six loose...
  6. Agustín Luengo Capilla - the Madrid Giant

    Agustín Luengo Capilla - the Madrid Giant

    On December 31, 1875, Agustín Luengo died in Madrid at the age of 26, due to his illness that had caused him severe pain and loss of vision.
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    1919: Seattle boy claims he gets power from air

    1919 Source KD: Sounds too good to be true, but... who knows, right?
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    Could it be a cache issue?

    Could it be a cache issue?
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    You are not for sure.

    You are not for sure.
  10. 1943 Air Map of the World

    1943 Air Map of the World

    Flat Earth Map Polar Azimuthal Equidistant Projection 1943
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    An area as big as the United States, that's never been seen by a human being...

    Here is some additional info on the issue.
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    Blog Information

    Cleaned up the non-sense, and banned the following users: BusyBaci - being rude and respecting only his own opinion. Apollon - derailing multiple article threads with unrelated posts.
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    1872-1885: Chicago City Hall VI... Built and Demolished.

    In August 1875, ground-breaking ceremonies were held and construction begun on the new city hall and county buildings designed by James J. Egan in a colonnaded French Renaissance style as a dual structure for joint occupancy by city and county. With the money to go ahead, the county began...
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    Question | Year 2030: what are they hiding?

    I assume you are talking about the so-called Nemesis. What makes you think it exists?
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    Where is Samarkand? Is Oxus Civilization a lie?

    When we talk about the capabilities of the mapmakers of the past, this video is a must. And while these are portolan maps, they do demonstrate that they knew what they were doing back then. The Mystery of Extraordinarily Accurate Medieval Maps...
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    Miss your input.

    Miss your input.
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    Poll | Creator or Evolution?

    To be honest, if you mean that we are not the direct descendants of the proverbial Adam and Eve... I lean in the same direction. As in we were created by some iteration of the creation. At the same time it still suggests the Creator was the primary source of the creation of the world we live in...
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    Poll | Creator or Evolution?

    Think about making a video, tying in today's events with our stolen history... so, wanted to solicit some info. I have only two versions of how our world could come to existence. These are: The Creator aka God/Gods. The Bing Bang aka Evolutionary Theory Basically wanted to see where people...
  19. 1604 Chinese Map of the World

    1604 Chinese Map of the World

    The maps received widespread attention and circulation. The governor General of Guizhou reproduced a copy of the map in a book about Guizhou published in Guiyang in 1604. Ricci estimated that more than 1,000 copies of the 1602 edition were reprinted. Various versions of the map were exported to...