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    Missing photographs of the existing drawings. Where are they?

    I think they did. Line-based representations (drawings or woodcuts, see below) were made to render complex shadows and greys from a photograph into affordable mass-printable black and white. Please excuse me quoting Wikipedia on this: Source: Halftone “While there were earlier mechanical...
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    Time Zones: Tin City, US vs Naukan, Russia

    Not 16 – Alaska is 4 hours "ahead" of Russia in timezone terms, for both current time and sunrise & sunset times. The confusing thing on first glance is that the clocks (current time) are 4 hours apart, in timezone terms, whereas the geography on maps suggests they are very close to each other...
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    Time Zones: Tin City, US vs Naukan, Russia

    I think I can clear this specific anomaly up: if you check the sunrise time on both pages on the timeanddate site, it is vastly different, and this indicates the 4-hour difference is about allocating timezones, and kind of tidying them up a bit in regions where the earth’s circumference is...