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    Small Scale City Models. What do we know about them?

    The main building of the 3rd Temple as per Ezekiel 40-48 will be a tall narrow building 100 cubits tall and 20 wide (opinions of the cubit have it between 18 & 24 inches) and will have gates 50 cubits by 10 cubits. This may seem unaesthetic and structurally unstable, but this is the tradition
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    Small Scale City Models. What do we know about them?

    Jon Levi on giants & models
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    World Expositions: Phenomenal Attendance?

    What is the informed opinion of Denman in his latest video on the world fairs: a partially crazed Englishman, or does he make some valid points?
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    Small Scale City Models. What do we know about them?

    Apparently the amazing model of 1600 London, replete with chimney smoke, moving ships, and waving flags, in the opening and closing minutes of the 1944 British film "Henry V" was constructed of plaster in 4 months and was 50'x70' Here the 1:50 Holy Land Hotel model of the Second Temple...
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    World Expositions: Phenomenal Attendance?

    The wikipedia article World's Columbian Exposition has very little about the exposition's actual construction. Is there any record as to the date, presumably in 1891, when the first spade was actually inserted in to the marshy ground around Lake Michigan to start clearing and levelling the...
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    London: Chronology of Events published in 1686

    The model of a 1600 London from the opening minutes of the 1944 movie "Henry V" is remarkable. Who made it? Maybe we really are tiny people living in a giant's realm!
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    1816 the Year without Summer vs. "Darkness" by Lord Byron: Natural or Artificial?

    "The city is built of brick Pharaoh. The strong make many, the weak may few, the dead make none!" (Charlton Heston as Moses) A sedentary man requires 1500 calories to thrive, a manual worker/marching fighting soldier 3000, and a coal miner 4500. The Industrial Revolution required huge numbers...
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    1781: Aerial view map of Villa Adriana by Francesco and Giovanni Battista Piranesi

    How was this 1628 map of Frankfurt from altitude made? Could we draw birdseye maps today, without balloons, aircraft or drones?
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    World Expositions: Phenomenal Attendance?

    Stephen Denman seems to know more than Liedtke, Jon Levi, Awaranon, Auto Didactic, Gibson, even more than Archaix, and to verbally give it over in his East London accent. How did he get to be so knowlegeable, or is it my imagination? How is he rated in the Tartarian community?
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    World Expositions: Phenomenal Attendance?

    Prolific Stephen Denman with the help of his brother Zachary really seems to know his subjects and gives over Tartarianism clearly and consisely, thought provoking and confidently Why are they not getting more coverage?
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    1915: Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco

    Has KD read the new books by Mickoski "Exposing the Expositions: Ancient Rome in America 1851-1915"? and Levi's "Evidence of the Old World"? Can KD give us a mini-critique on them?
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    Blog Information

    Many are convinced that KD cannot be one lone individual . This is the prevalent opinion: 1. KD is not one person but a team of very dedicated and talented researchers. This KD team accumulated much of its material over the years and used SH as a platform to disseminate...
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    Stars, Galaxies, Planets: how do we know what they are?

    "…scientists have announced tantalizing hints that the universe is actually relatively small, with a hall-of-mirrors illusion tricking us into thinking that space stretches on forever….Weeks and his colleagues, a team of astrophysicists in France, say the WMAP results suggest that the universe...