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  1. AnthroposRex

    1200s Old London Bridge: what do we know?

    Based on that last photo, it looks like it was an old world power station with the "church" as the power plant. The houses probably were drawing off the excess charge.
  2. AnthroposRex

    Questionable Alexander the Great Narrative

    Did you catch the size of Alexander on the elephant? Either they bred tiny elephants, or he was of heroic stature. A giant.
  3. AnthroposRex

    The Lost History of the Flat Earth

    I wonder if the rewind would cause deja vu?
  4. AnthroposRex

    The Lost History of the Flat Earth

    What's interesting, is that if we are on a larger realm that is frozen in 3/4 of it's surface area always, it means we as a species are constantly setting out on an Age of Discovery every 7,000 years or so to find the new lands that are old that are thawing out. Is the mars mission a cover for...
  5. AnthroposRex

    The Lost History of the Flat Earth

    I liked the section where they electrify isolated gases from the air and show that the colors are the same as a clouded sunset. Really well presented and edited. Took be a bit to get the accent. Is that a british russian hybrid? I cant tell, but after hearing it for 7 videos, it's grown on me as...
  6. AnthroposRex

    Triumphal Arches, aka Ianuae Magicae: bridge portals between places, or regular structures?

    They could have been aetheric power substations perhaps. Or possibly designed to light up and be amazing for that alone. I do like the thought of them being gates between themselves or to other realms. Even as an energy technology, though, they are quite interesting. Helios
  7. AnthroposRex

    Lightning Rod Fashion: 18th century grounded Umbrellas and Hats

    Here's an old world building that lights up with electricity in the right conditions. Possibly this is why the hats and umbrellas were necessary. Everything was charged up, perhaps.
  8. AnthroposRex

    Artificial Deluge

    I found this article on concussion rainmaking - Rainmaking by Concussion in the Rocky Mountains - that mentions that John Aitken of Scotland was an early proponent of artillery fire making rain because of the dust particles that gets distributed in the atmosphere. Wikipedia has him as a...
  9. AnthroposRex

    1892 Pioneer Building in Seattle: how and when was it built?

    I think the disaster photos come first. Then they built the city and changed stuff over time. The common historical narrative has it out of sequence.
  10. AnthroposRex

    Hypothesis: Mutiny in the Sky or a Short History of the World

    I read that Anglo American magazine you cited. While the info may be solid regarding Apollyon/Napoleon (I don't know), the story itself, "A Case Of Clairvoyance" looks like it's a fictional tale of a guy who traveled to the 31st century and listened to historians of the time discuss his time...
  11. AnthroposRex

    The State of Georgia #1: Atlanta or Decatur, that is the question.

    Intuition points me more towards there being two distinct kingdoms here. After the New Madrid Earthquake the northern and coastal Vatican supported group attacked west, mopping up survivors.