Earth's magnetic field is 'acting up'. 'Experts' are 'forced' to 'update' 'model' that aids global navigation.

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Earth magnetic field is acting up and geologists don’t know why. Erratic motion of north magnetic pole forces experts to update model that aids global navigation.

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Earth’s magnetic field is acting up and geologists don’t know why

Turns out they constantly update the 'World Magnetic Model' the 2015 edition was meant to last until 2020 but they have to act now (well, once the US government shutdown is finished of course. Let's not get too worked up).

Is this where they use the excuse of 'acceleration of change to the magnetic field' to alter our navigation software to suit their own needs and to possibly cover up their previous lies? Or introduce new lies. Probably both.
In 2018, the pole crossed the International Date Line into the Eastern Hemisphere. It is currently making a beeline for Siberia.

The geometry of Earth’s magnetic field magnifies the model’s errors in places where the field is changing quickly, such as the North Pole. “The fact that the pole is going fast makes this region more prone to large errors,” says Chulliat.
You could view this as science doing it's best to fight with the forces of nature but as far as I recall navigation was fine from a very long time ago and this never caused an issue before. Now suddenly all the 'regions' near the north pole are more prone to large errors, now will we see updated navigation to regions where the elite have been known to visit more frequently in recent times, convenient?

Sounds like a really good excuse to update navigation programs to me.


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What a crock of shit.

Have you got a compass? Does it still point North? If it does, then the general magnetism of the Earth isn't "acting up." There are always localized electromagnetic anomalies in places like Hoia Baciu forest or high potential electro-static fields. But, these anomalies don't contribute to overall disorder.

This is a good animation showing the principle of an AC induction motor and how the North and South poles flip and create the alternating current.

Or this, a diagram and explanation of a magnetron.
Magnetron Operation

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