Outer Space - what is it?


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Well, as I heard pointed out by many flat earth and space-is-water proponents on youtube, JFK could well have been speaking in code. For example in his Moon Speech at Rice Stadium, September 12, 1962, where he states, referring to space:

"We set sail on this new sea because there is new knowledge to be gained, and new rights to be won, and they must be won and used for the progress of all people."
Full speech here.

In a regular mode of thought one would consider this statement to be merely a poetic figure of speech employed by a gifted orator. It could be a stretch, but some seem to see Kennedy speaking in code here, referencing a liquid space, a space made up of water - the biblical "waters above" one might say.

Question to all: I also recently had heard that Kennedy had a change of mind or something at some point, first being in cahoots with TPTB, then at some point not playing ball anymore, issuing silver backed certificates etc., up to the legendary speech about secret societies and the conspiracy against the American people, which some think got him killed. Does anyone know about this? Maybe someone with more profound knowledge about American affairs than I possess can enlighten me/us a bit on that?


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According to JFK to 9/11, everything's a rich mans trick,

Joe Kennedy was a bootlegger, mafia type during prohibition times. He got in bad, owed some big people some money, said at the right time said 'hey, I got this kid, up and coming politician. You get him in, he's your puppet'

So they got him in. Thought they had their puppet. Johnny and Bobby found out the truth and started plans to save the world.

Can't remember how it ends...