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Whoa! This is a totally new story to me about the SS occult research, really wild stuff.
Celle Neues Rathaus -

Also, new Pinterest board.
Art Deco / Dark City
Ice Nine
Ice Nine
I love Art Deco and Art Nouveau. Good Stuff on your pinterest. (y)
Finally watched this about the Rathaus. Creepy! I wouldn't want to stay there now.
The recent post about Dark City got me thinking about this architecture; Griffons, Rams heads, Angels. There are undeniable resemblances to Tatarian architecture.
How we gaze upon thou vast expanses
in humbling awe, and trembling wonder.

For what do we know, despite all our glances?
To speak with yon Giants would tear us asunder.

Men paint you as planets, claim ye unliving.
These words do they teach, as if it could be.

To look upon things, no purpose needs giving.
The reach of the Allness spans more than we see.
Avatar pic is original work, shot at Fort Pickens, FL. This star fort is located in an area now accepted as the oldest European settlement in North America. Geronimo was allegedly transported here as prisoner and was taken onward to St. Augustine, the location of another star fort. St. Augustine, established only a few years after the Pensacola settlement, is considered the oldest city in the US.
Just watched this - it's a little Ancient Aliens-y, but a decent introductory to Mineral Alchemy and ORMUS.
Re: new avatar: That one'd scare me in a lone, dark alleyway! Great avatar tho :giggle:
Ice Nine
Ice Nine
Thank you. All the talk of Die Nibelungen made me think of Brunhild, even though she is not the best role model!