FBI investigation: secret underground tunnel discovered in Florida

There you go... to the “bank”, and from the middle of the paved roadway. What do you think is gonna happen to the tunnel?


What drivers believed to be a large pothole in the middle of the road in Pembroke Pines, Florida, turned out to be a hidden underground tunnel that authorities believe may lead to a nearby bank.
  • "The only thing I've ever seen like this is in the movies. This is truly a unique case here," FBI spokesman Mike Leverock said of the discovery. "It's very small, very claustrophobic." — Mike Leverock
Source: Secret underground tunnel discovered in Florida under investigation by FBI

Above is January, 2019, but what about the ones they discovered in Florida in November, 2018? ... for smuggling Chinese-Cuban prostitutes. Really?


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- Mysterious tunnels that may have been used discovered in Tampa, Florida


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A vast, perfectly designed brick tunnel beneath the earth? Leading miles away? Looks even more impressive when you look at the bank’s location, literally surrounded by geometrically sound little lakes.


these lakes look like writing in some other language to me?

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  • Well, if these tunnels do go for miles, these lakes had to complicate the excavation process by quite a margin.

    Demolition work Tuesday (2018) unearthed the first new opening in 20 years to the old brick tunnels that serve as a reminder of Ybor City's smuggling past.


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