Uxmal Ruins: where are these pyramids?

I can't seem to locate the pyramids depicted on the image below. There are four pyramids in the image. Based on the description, these are supposed to be located in the ancient Mayan city of Uxmal.
Image Information.
  • Description: Five pyramids and a stone-block building stand on a flat landscape, varied only by some small bushes and a few large rocks. The sky occupies a great portion of the picture: the clouds breaking at top right reveal the moon, whose light illumines the pyramids. It is unclear whether the pyramid surfaces are bare or covered in vegetation.
  • Date: 1843
  • Source: Moonlight, Uxmal Ruins
  • Related book: New Light from the Great Pyramid

KD: If you run into these pyramids, please share your links. They appear to be buried, so I'm wondering what they look like today.