What date? The Bronze Horseman statue of Peter the Great.

The Bronze Horseman is an equestrian statue of Peter the Great in the Senate Square in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It was opened to the public on 7 (18) August, 1782. Commissioned by Catherine the Great, it was created by the French sculptor Étienne Maurice Falconet. The statue is now one of the symbols of Saint Petersburg.

As you can see, the date on the pedestal is 1782.
  • I do not believe for a second, that whoever produced this composition would have uglified it with these poorly made characters.


I happened to run into this 1835 publication. It had an image of the same statue of Peter the Great.


I'm struggling to figure out what date we have displayed on the pedestal. I tried to find a better quality image on the internet, but failed.
  • I'm not sure, but top lines appear to have different letters.


KD: What date do you think we have on the drawing?
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  • Banta

    I just want to point out that there are two inscriptions on this:
    The inscription on one side of the granite pedestal reads in Latin (Petro Primo Catarina Secunda 1782) and in Russian on the other side (Петру Перьвому Екатерина Вторая 1782), "To Peter the First from Catherine the Second."
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