What was Giovanni Battista Piranesi trying to say. 17-18th century Mud Flood apocalypse?

Giovanni Battista Piranesi (4 October 1720 – 9 November 1778) was an Italian artist famous for his etchings of Rome and of fictitious and atmospheric "prisons" (Le Carceri d'Invenzione). He was a so called Cappricio artist.

In other words, contemporary interpretation of his creations is that it was a fantasy of the author. There is no historical evidence that Capriccio artists were making stuff up. To me, such an interpretation appears to be a very convenient way to explain the inconvenient truth.

There were multiple artists creating similar work. Engravings and paintings reflecting our world in ruins. To name a few of hose artists:
There were many more of the so called Capriccio artists working within the same time frame. They observed the same objects in a very similar manner. It is so easy to dismiss the evidence by pretending that their creations were a work of fiction. What if they reflected exactly what was observed?

What do we see in those paintings and engravings? We see semi destroyed buildings, mud and dirt filling in spaces between those buildings. We do not see pavement or some sort of hard surface between the structures. I would imagine that people capable of building such structures were capable of quality work all the way around. And of course in their works we see small to medium size trees growing on those buildings and in places where should be no trees. Based on the size of those trees we could approximate when those trees started.

Giovanni_Battista_Piranesi_01.jpg Giovanni_Battista_Piranesi_02.jpg Giovanni_Battista_Piranesi_03.jpg Giovanni_Battista_Piranesi_04.jpg Giovanni_Battista_Piranesi_05.jpg Giovanni_Battista_Piranesi_06.jpg Giovanni_Battista_Piranesi_07.jpg Giovanni_Battista_Piranesi_08.jpg Giovanni_Battista_Piranesi_09.jpg Giovanni_Battista_Piranesi_10.jpg Giovanni_Battista_Piranesi_11.jpg Giovanni_Battista_Piranesi_12.jpg Giovanni_Battista_Piranesi_13.jpg Giovanni_Battista_Piranesi_14.jpg Giovanni_Battista_Piranesi_15.jpg Giovanni_Battista_Piranesi_16.jpg Giovanni_Battista_Piranesi_17.jpg Giovanni_Battista_Piranesi_18.jpg Giovanni_Battista_Piranesi_19.jpg Giovanni_Battista_Piranesi_20.jpg Giovanni_Battista_Piranesi_21.jpg Giovanni_Battista_Piranesi_22.jpg Giovanni_Battista_Piranesi_23.jpg Giovanni_Battista_Piranesi_24.jpg Giovanni_Battista_Piranesi_25.jpg Giovanni_Battista_Piranesi_27.jpg Giovanni_Battista_Piranesi_28.jpg

Possible Causes
Was it the Great Flood of the 17-18th century?
Could it be the result of the war of Gods?
Could it be the consequences of the Global War of the previous spin of the human civilization?

There are many other additional weird events, coincidences, circumstances and straight up ridiculously overlooked and misinterpreted occurrences. Some of those I will try to bring to the attention of a hopefully open-minded examiner.

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