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Oct 29, 2020
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Hello, I decided to give it another go. This time I'm gonna try out a personal blog format. For those who prefer forum discussions, there is a wonderful resource at StolenHistory.NET.

For those wondering why the old forum was closed... there was a violation of my private life, and attempts to personally contact me. The SH forum was created to discuss history, and not to figure out who I was, or what house I lived in. At the moment, there were a few additional things happening in my personal and professional life. Issues overlapped, and the rest is history. Since then, I took a few steps, and hopefully, I can allow myself to manage a somewhat smaller website now.

If you feel like supporting, you can do so here.
  • I plan on posting various history related articles at my own pace.
  • I did not arrange this blog for discussing the old forum.
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Hey KD, don't know where else to put this so I will leave it here.

Is there any way we can get a dark mode for the forum, I now have a big screen and it is way to bright.


It’s not that hard 🤓

Ok, this is probably as good as it's gonna get. Tried to make our dark style match the light one in all the right places. Hopefully that works for darkness lovers.

Many are convinced that KD cannot be one lone individual .

This is the prevalent opinion:

1. KD is not one person but a team of very dedicated and talented researchers. This KD team accumulated much of its material over the years and used SH as a platform to disseminate this research, one topic at a time. KD as one person simply cannot do it alone. I mean, quotations from medieval books, YouTube clips, reasearch, it takes time.

2. KD team has at least one Russian-speaking person. This explains its familiarity with Russian literature and history. Many links to YouTube material were to Russian language clips.

3. It's very unlikely that KD team voluntarily stopped working on SH. These people were obviously enjoying what they were doing. Most likely they got dispersed and moved on, and I do not have any thoughts on why.
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Good day, my name is Felipe and I live in Chile.
I appreciate the opportunity to participate in this forum where I will try to contribute in some quite specific areas. My interest is in relation to the chronological and cultural inconsistencies of the pre-Columbian peoples in America and I look for the relationship that exists between them and other peoples in the rest of the world.
I hope I can provide useful information.
Thank you.
Cleaned up the non-sense, and banned the following users:
  • BusyBaci - being rude and respecting only his own opinion.
  • Apollon - derailing multiple article threads with unrelated posts.