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Reich and Empire: the origins and true meaning

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Аs far as English language goes, we are so used to this word being a stand alone one - REICH. Normally we relate it to the German Nazis lead by Mr. Hitler. Yet, the Roman Empire in German is Römisches Reich. Naturally, it appears to have been an interesting move to avoid calling things with...

The Calendar Conundrum

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The Julian calendar, proposed (allegedly) and instituted by Julius Caesar in 46 B.C. was a reform of the old Roman Calendar based on a 10 month (March-December) calendar year started at the time of the Roman Empire founder, King Romulus (whenever THAT was). The mean calendar year equals 365...

19th century Engineering Magazines

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Just like with any information, its comprehension depends on which angle you approach it from. If you are ready to accept that semi-naked Ancient Egyptians built the Pyramids using chisels and sleds, it will prevent you from considering other possibilities. Any attempts at visualization of the...

Terra Ammiracionis - Land Beyond the Sea

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In the land beyond the sea, that is called Terra Ammiracionis, there ruled Count Sattan of Aligemorum. Under his rule was born a knightly man who was called Abraham of Temonaria. He was born 810 years after Noah's Flood. He took a wife from the realm Samamorum, who was a daughter of Lord...

Savannah Georgia: Urban Fire or Faux?

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Savannah, GA was not burned to the ground twice as history would say, the architecture that remains is evidence of a previous civilization. In the spirit of SH, we will go with Tartarians as the de-facto civilization. Let's start with the history of the town. I'm gonna skip around a bit as I'm...

Bigfoot, a.k.a Sasquatch

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Let's discuss the Bigfoot phenomenon. If this creature exists (which I believe it did if it no longer does), then they've remained some of the most elusive beings to ever roam this great Earth. A fugitive on the FBI's Most Wanted Fugitives list can learn a thing or two from the legendary...

Nuremberg Chronicle - 1493

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I was just peeking through the thread regarding Unicorns where the book Nuremberg Chronicle was introduced. Latin scholars refer to it as Liber Chronicarum aka Book of Chronicles. In general I'd like to have this thread revolve around the discussion and findings from this book and where those...

Was there a Global Flood, or a Disaster in 1860-1870?

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Accidentally ran into some documents kept at the US Library of Congress, pertaining to the Port Angeles (WA) Flood of 1863. "In 1863 a great flood, such as never happened before or since, swept away most of the houses of the town and demolished the customs house. No one could figure out what...

Eleanor Coade: 19th century owner of a Geo-polymer recipe.

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Eleanor Coade was a British businesswoman known for manufacturing Neoclassical statues, architectural decorations and garden ornaments made of Lithodipyra or Coade stone for over 50 years from 1769 until her death. She should not be confused or conflated with her mother, also named Eleanor.

Tartaria: The Hidden Truth by Marcia Ramalho

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I ran across this video on Tartaria on The Blue channel just today. No affiliation, it's the only video on the channel, been there about a month, and already over 11,000 views. For better or worse, this Tartaria/Tartary thing is blowing up! While I can't vouch for its accuracy, as I'm no expert...

America: origins of the word

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I find it hard to believe that just like that, humongous honors of having two continents named after him, were awarded to some semi-merchant individual. At the times, when other discoverers were paying respect to their Kings and Queens by naming tiny islands in their honor, this Americus...

Japanese and Korean Languages: Similarities

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My conclusion is that Japanese and Korean are recently separated branches of the same language. I think what little differences there are, probably happened during sakoku, and then there was a vocabulary update during and after WW2 to bridge most of the gaps that may have formed, but...

Vikings, Erik the Red and Eric VI the King of Sweden

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I don't know, may be this parallel has been drawn before. I did not search for whether it was or not. Somehow, I ended up reading about Vikings. Considering that our official history cannot be trusted, I was trying to figure out how the Norse seafarers were coexisting with other Scandinavian...

Pyramids with tombs of the Tartarian Kings?

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I am not quite sure what I spotted here, but there it is. No clue why the word "Sepulcres" is being used. It means "Tombs" when translated from the Catalan language. Essentially we end up with: Mount Alchai where the Tombs are of the Kings of Tartary. This is the North-East of contemporary...

Outer Space - what is it?

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I have my doubts that "Space" exists in its conventional form. From day one we are being fed the traditional narrative filled with planets, orbits, stars, galaxies, etc. What's there to doubt? Just look up. But... how do we know what those objects above us really are? For example, how do we know...

Post-cataclyscmic waste management misatributed to medieval times

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Medieval castles have a surprising lack of any kind of infrastructure we associate with basic human needs, especially hygine. No toilets, no running water, nothing. Indoor plumbing was only added later, according to historians, so even washing hands was impossible, which supposedly led to...

Was Jules Verne's Nautilus based on a real submarine?

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Here, M. Aronnax, are the several dimensions of the boat you are in. It is an elongated cylinder with conical ends. It is very like a cigar in shape, a shape already adopted in London in several constructions of the same sort. The length of this cylinder, from stem to stern, is exactly 232 feet...

Elongated skulls and their implications on the past

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If I can be frank, I think the alien/Nephilim connection as it's portrayed online is more or less complete disinfo. I think it is disinfo specifically designed to let websites like Snopes and Wiki call this a conspiracy theory and pseudoscience. Note how the takedown of this theory has little to...

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