"Strange as it may appear, America abounds in antiquities, so extensive, so beautiful and majestic, as to rival those of Thebes and Nineveh. Ruins of ancient cities, of immense extent; fortifications, mounds and pyramids; temples with walls built of hewn stown showing a refined taste in architecture – and adorned with human figures, beautifully executed; large altars ornamented with hieroglyphes, probably giving a record of those who reared them, but which no man has been able to decipher; remains of ancient palaces, with beautiful specimens of sculpture and painting, with many other marks of anceint greatness, prove to us that this is not a new world, but that a powerful empire existed at a very remote period of time, teeming with a population highly skilled in arts, and in a state of civilization far beyond anything we have ben led to conceive of the aborigines, previous to the discovery of the continent by Europeans."
  • S.B.Rpw - Raftsman's journal, January 06, 1858
This new book offers a groundbreaking re-examination of historical architecture and urban landscapes, challenging conventional wisdom through rigorous academic scrutiny. Utilizing multidisciplinary insights, this book unravels hidden complexities in history, providing a compelling read for anyone intrigued by the untold stories behind our built environment. Impeccably researched, it serves as an essential guide for questioning and understanding the narratives that have shaped our world.
Discover a groundbreaking approach to understanding North American history, focused through the intriguing lens of cartography and centered on the enigmatic city of San Francisco. This book is far from a conventional historical account. Instead, it embarks on an intellectual journey that starts with the scrutiny of old maps and leads to questions that shake the foundations of well-established narratives.


From the outset, the authors promise more than a typical historical account; they pledge a mind-bending expedition that probes deeper than ever before into the what, why, and how of historical events. The exploration began as an analysis of historical maps spanning North America. However, an anomaly in a San Francisco map diverted the focus, turning what was supposed to be a continent-wide inquiry into a comprehensive case study of one city. Imagine pulling a single loose thread only to find it unravels an entire tapestry of accepted truths.
  • Set expectations aside, because this book promises an academic exploration unlike any other. With a focus on cartography, the authors begin their journey scrutinizing maps of North America. But this isn't merely a study of geography; it’s a deep dive into historical events as portrayed through the maps of the time. As they delve into this analysis, an unexpected discovery on a San Francisco map pivots the entire study. The result? An all-encompassing investigation into this iconic city.
  • This book doesn't merely challenge historical understanding; it compels readers to think critically, to question deeply entrenched beliefs, and to engage in the reevaluation of a history long considered settled. If one has ever looked at a map and wondered what lies beneath the ink, if one has ever questioned the standard narratives that have been handed down through generations, then this is a must-read. Prepare to question, to doubt, and most importantly, to learn.