The Titan's Goblet as the Shape of our Realm

The way I see it, there are only two known ways our system could have been created:
If you are aware of the third, fourth, etc., please share.

For myself, I do not see any possibility of the Big Bang theory being the correct one. That leaves me with only one option - the Earth and living creatures were created.
  • with only some creatures by the original Gods (creators, engineers.)
This article is about the shape of our planet Earth, and I wanted to solicit some opinions on the below version of the shape of our planet. If the Earth was created, any design implemented by the creators is possible. This statement could definitely be wrong, but this is just the way I understand it.
The painting was allegedly done by Thomas Cole.
  • Cole often provided text to accompany his paintings, but did not comment on The Titan's Goblet, leaving his intentions open to debate.
  • In the 1880s, one interpretation related Cole's goblet to the world tree and specifically to the Yggdrasil in Norse mythology.

He appears to be one uber complicated historical figure, once you look into him.

The Titan's Goblet


There is this Russian gentleman named Andrey Tyunyaev. I find it hard to call him a historical researcher, because I don't think he is. Additionally, some of the things he says are way too coo coo crazy for me. Than again, I'm pretty sure that some of the things I say sound crazy to a lot of people.


Anyways, every time I see this Titan's Goblet, I keep on thinking about this Mr. Tyunyaev and what he says in the below video.
  • the video is in Russian, but you can adjust the auto-translate in the video settings.
  • The author shows that the Earth has the shape of a cup. Such designs are implemented using inferiometric wave, gravitational, and sound. The process of creating matter and structures from it (Earth, biosphere and humans) is called cymatics. The sun is the antinode of this wave. The earth is a node. The history of the Earth and man is very short. There are no billions of years...
    • Google-translated video description

Additionally, the Titan's Goblet reminds me of the Holy Grail Cup (whatever this thing is.)

KD: Well, what are your thoughts? Could this "cup shaped earth" theory have any merit?
If i understand the theory correctly, it's similar to concave earth theory, interesting food for tought....
Well, the way I see it in this case is this. If the Earth is within some humongous container, such container would have to be concave in nature to contain things. The surface appears to be flat.
I imagine the same type of scenario, a concave container with different terrains & climates. However, got no clue as how the water came to be, from above and from below are the main theories but who knows
Perhaps the magnetic mountain in Hyperborea is this mountain depicted, just exaggerated for purpose of image. I agree the Big Bang theory does not hold up to what we’re seeing in the sky. I appreciate this post and look forward to the video.
"Additionally, the Titan's Goblet reminds me of the Holy Grail Cup (whatever this thing is.)"

I think thats obvious and exactly the same thing, a symbol of the realm. Many seem to think everything through their nuts and bolts lenses but many ancients thought that all is mind or at least created from mind and thus their symbols and meanings tried to depict those ideas.
Are you talking about the mind of the Creator?
Perhaps? If I understand what that means correctly. There are a few modern scientists who talk about this concept within modern language concepts. Hoffmann, Joscha Bach and Kastrup come to mind immediately but there are others. Couple of them speak on this video . Ancient mystery schools, Masons etc explain many symbols from such point of view.

I dont follow any school nor cult but my math took me there anyway. Things either have borders which makes measurement possible to agree but in case of infinite measurement is just an idea and from this thought experiment alone things may get quite fluid and interesting, symbols follow.