Flat Earth British, 'Church's' & Cities Built On Bones" & A Mud Flooded Rome i733

Today we look at many churches, and cities that have the remains of many thousands of skeletons all arranged in the architecture.To me the whole thing looks evil as shit ,so the question is what happened outside of official lies?

Well last night i was on a realy epic live event on Rosette Delacroix With Phillipp Druzhinin Phillipp said he has seen evidence on some of the bones for cannibalism. So did all these people get eaten? if so by whom? I've my suspicions. Then we look at a literally mindblowing Liede atlas i733 of Rome showing many buildings, and arch's half buried in mud so a mud flood event happened prior to i733 , These depictions are in the atlases are from a Birdseye view, are they a type of projected image like a type of photograph ? Seeing is believing. We finish with snaps of the day sent in from you guys with evidence for mud flood, and church machines.
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