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    High Collars vs. Long Necks and Kayan People

    Why can't this guy be a kid?
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    Hydrophilacium Subterranean Pools: South America and Africa

    mauro: «cari amici, cercherò di tradurre lo scritto riprodotto nella cartina postata e cioè: "Sub Andibus Hydrophylacum America precipuum" "Sotto le Ande guardiano delle acque principale, d'America" <...> Ma anche l'altro ,pag 104 (Africa) "Hydrophylacum sub montibus Luna" "guardiano delle acque...
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    Egyptologist, carve us a vase: stoneworking tools and methods

    Has anyone done a physical and chemical analysis of vases and stuff? Maybe the Egyptians were able to make the stone softer, like plasticine? Or form its materials from a thick and viscous consistency. Carving beyond possibilities.
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    1300s: Velociraptor killed by Dieudonné de Gozon

    Most likely a siege engine.
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    16th century Morsus aka Walrus... or what was it?

    Interesting animal. I don't recall walruses walking on the ground and having ears like elephants.
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    Tartaria: formerly known as Scythia

    dreamtime "ah, I got it now: "much quarreling among the nobles/ so that they strangle each other/ particularly the brothers. The country is bleakly rough/ and full of cane and cane stalk / which bring spice / called Calamus Aromaticus. The poor peasant people are hard-pressed in it/ and often...
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    An orb in the sky

    The human eye perceives color images better than grayscale. So, here...
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    Question | 1550s-60s Celestial Phenomena over Europe. What was in the skies?

    Similar "illumination" occurs before earthquakes. Phantom lights of earthquakes.
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    Question | 1550s-60s Celestial Phenomena over Europe. What was in the skies?

    The answer is obvious. «Whatever such signs mean, God alone knows.»
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    Ancient and early 20th century Robots

    Original: Translation: For centuries alchemists have worked in vain to create a homunculus by chemical means. Nowadays, a simple mechanic in New York, Tsadok Detrick, has succeeded in inventing, a steam man. He is so built that he runs so fast in all directions, but can carry weights that would...
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    An orb in the sky

    I got an ellipse of sorts. Maybe the photo was taken a little after the explosion. If it was an explosion.
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    What happened to Fort York in Manitoba, Canada?

    Thank you for the article. I was interested in the image of cannibals on the map presented at the very end of your article. What's surprising is that just below, to the southeast, other people are quietly busy with normal barbecue (fish?, seal?). Translation first. May those who speak Italian...
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    What lies beneath Panarea Island? Could it be a pyramid?

    With this excerpt I wanted to show that there appear to be rounded stones of different sizes. Turning directly to you, I cited the second excerpt from the text, about the reddish boulders, recalling the first color photo from your post above. I still do not understand whether the stone is...
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    What lies beneath Panarea Island? Could it be a pyramid?

    Yeah, you know, I'm interested in that, too. Here's the quote on page 16 - «Kleine, abgerundete Steinblöcke umgeben die Felder, auf welchen zahlreiche Rosmarin-Gebüsche wachsen. <...> Dieser Ort heisst Malu Passu. Abermals an Felsblöcken vorüber, zwischen denen Oelbäume emporgewachsen sind...