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    Book | 1904: The Giants

    What I find odd is if it is just an art exhibition, why not use normal size skeletons? and one of the thigh bones is a diff color all together. Seems like a coverup story.
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    Tartary aka Tartaria - an Empire hidden in history. It was bigger than Russia once...

    delete please, i didnt realize sum1 else posted the link to James E. Lees free ebook
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    The Lost History of the Flat Earth

    I gave this another shot. I am one hour in and I am impressed. You guys were right. It took me a while to be able to keep up w the accent but I can understand all that he says now.
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    Chronology: how old is America?

    I watched that video a while back and it was rather impressive. Almost as good as the work you do here KD
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    The Lost History of the Flat Earth

    like I was saying to KD, in a tartarian group I am in on facebook there is someone posting this in other peoples posts. And I have seen it posted few times on the main page. I got the feelings the approach was spammy. So it kinda turned me off. I have a problem when sum1 lumps together...
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    The Lost History of the Flat Earth

    This same exact video has been posted on a facebook group over and over the past week. I couldnt watch it cuz the accent is to hard for me to follow along.
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    Poll | UFO pilots - who and what are they?

    I used to be a believer of the old UFO alien theory until I read about admiral Byrd. Now I believe like KD that we are just being visited by folks from diff parts of this planet that we have not been too.
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    1906: Seattle Central Library. Demolished in 1957.

    When I started down this rabbit hole about buildings possibly being built by prior civilization, I started to compare population sizes to the time of certain buildings being constructed. Then I started reading about the architect. And my mind was blown. I came across the St Mary's church in Fall...
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    Tartary aka Tartaria - an Empire hidden in history. It was bigger than Russia once...

    And when you get to close to the truth they start a smear campaign.
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    Victory Columns were Airship Mooring Masts?

    I read somewhere that these ran on helium and that the England was the main supplier for helium. Then when oil industry took off the Rockefellas had a reason to get the air ships to be seen as a danger. So we couldnt get any helium they used the next lighter gas available which was hydrogen...
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    16th century Tartarian King Tartarrax ruled Quivira Regnum in North America

    Hello all, I find it odd that the map of that expedition of 1540 has states and borders that I didnt think existed yet. Even if you look up the states Indiana or Tennessee it says these names were established well after 1540. I absolutely LOVE this website. You guys are in a league above my...