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    Oakmulgee Capital Town Ruins in Georgia - where are they?

    Ocmulgee Mounds are in present-day Macon, Georgia which I think is a key piece of information for this post. I recognize your original post is in reference to "the remains of a grandeur ancient capital", but my hunch is that there is a reason why shop was set up on this critical plot of Georgia...
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    The State of Georgia #3: Fort Frederica and town Frederica

    Got ya. It appears on the map from 1860 which has Frederica on it as well, so I was curious if there was a link between the two. Maybe it being constructed due to poor state of the abandoned Fort Frederica. Hell, or was it there mid-1700s and just not mentioned? EDIT: It is Fort Brown not Fort...
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    The State of Georgia #3: Fort Frederica and town Frederica

    Great work KD - this is another Georgia site I have visited multiple times as a kid and an adult. One of the not-so-talked about topics of the area is the Spanish/Native's interactions prior to being settled by Oglethorpe. According to local historians, "In the American Southeast, there were...
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    The State of Georgia #1: Atlanta or Decatur, that is the question.

    Excellent post KD. And I am chomping at the bits for part 2, 3, 4 and so on. This might be a tad off the OP topic, but operating under the premise that the historical records of Georgia cities and previous civilizations is skewed, I wanted to share. I was raised in Albany, Georgia and grew up...